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Presentations & Research

Select Faculty Presentations

  • Bedsworth, T.*#, Ober, S.*#, Whitman, E.*, Spence, J.*, and Barber, A. NKG2D receptor differentially activates mTOR and NFκB signaling pathways in CD8+T cells. Annual Meetings of the American Association of Cancer Research, Washington, DC, 2013.
  • Whitman, E.*#, Bedsworth, T.*, and Barber, A. NKG2D receptor activation of mTOR and NFκB enhances proinflammatory cytokine secretion in anti-tumor CD8+T cells. Annual Meeting of the Virginia Academy of Science, Blacksburg, VA, 2013.
  • Spence, J.*#, Bedsworth, T.*, Whitman, E.*, and Barber, A. NKG2D Receptor Activates NFκB in Murine CD8+T Cells. Big South Undergraduate Research Symposium, High Point, NC, 2013
  • Trisvan, S.*#, Ober, S.*, Ellis, K.*, and Barber, A. Generation of Anti-tumor Immune Response using PD1-CD3 Chimeric Antigen Receptor-expressing T Cells.Big South Undergraduate Research Symposium, High Point, NC, 2013
  • Kinman, E.Reflections on the Continual Impact of an Art-Geography Collaboration. Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, New York City, NY, 2012.
  • Kinman, E.  Education for Sustainability: A Geo-Literacy Approach. Many Species, One Planet for Posterity: An International Conference on Science, Society, and Sustainability, Madurai, India, 2012.
  • Kinman, E.  Exploring Public Issues: A Geo-Literacy Approach.  National Council for Geographic Education Annual Conference, Portland, OR, 2011.
  • Hardin, D. Der Führer Strasse: Thanatourism and Attitudes Toward Adolf Hitler Sites in Twenty-First Century Austria and Germany.  Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Washington, DC, 2010
  • Lehman, M. Relationships of learning styles, grades, and educational preferences. NACTA Annual Meeting. 2009
  • Znosko, W. and M. Tsang. The importance of ETS transcription factors on the regulation of FGF responses and development in zebrafish. University of Pittsburgh Biological Sciences Annual Retreat. 2008
  • Znosko, W. and M. Tsang. Ets transcription factors: Their role in FGF signaling and zebrafish development. University of Pittsburgh, Signaling Club. 2008
  • Hardin, D. "Soon There Will Be Nothing Left": The Conversion of Serb Landscapes into Croat Ones in Croatia’s Western Slavonia.  Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Boston, MA, 2008
  • Kinman, E. Portraying Place through Ceramics: A Collaborative Experience of a Cartographer and an Artist. Art and Cartography-Cartography and Art Symposium of the International Cartographic Association, Vienna, Austria, 2008. 
  • Hambright, D. and M. Lehman. Interactions of allelopathy and heat stress in plants. Virginia Academy of Science Annual Meeting. 2007


Select Faculty Publications  

  • Spear, P., Barber, A., Rynda, A., Sentman, CL. NKG2D CAR T cell therapy inhibits the growth of NKG2D ligand heterogeneous tumors.  Immunology and Cell Biology.2013;In Press
  • Spear, P., Barber, A., Sentman, CL.Collaboration of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells and host T cells for optimal elimination of established ovarian tumors. Oncoimmunology. 2013;2:e23564-1-12
  • Spear, P., Barber, A., Rynda, A., Sentman CL.Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells shape myeloid cell function within the tumor microenvironment through IFN-gamma and GM-CSF. Journal of Immunology. 2012; 188:6389-98
  • Witschey, W., and C. Brown. Historical Dictionary of Mesoamerica. The Scarecrow Press, Toronto. 2012. ISBN: 978-0-8108-7167-0
  • Lehman, M. Relationships of learning styles, grades, and instructional preferences. NACTA Journal. 2011; 55(2): 40-45
  • Porter, E., M. Markham, E. Kinman, and L. Ganong. Emergent situations when older homebound women had fortuitous help and a typology of helpers who were involved. In J. J. Kronenfeld (Ed.), Research in the sociology of health care: vol. 29. Access to care and factors that impact access, patients as partners in care and changing roles of health providers. Oxford, England: Elsevier. 2011; 29: 117-148
  • C. Shaffer, C. Alvarez, C. Bailey, D. Barnard, S. Bhalla, C. Chandrasekaran, V. Chandrasekaran, H.-M. Chung, D. Dorer, C. Du, T. Eckdahl, J. Poet, D. Frohlich, A. Goodman, Y. Gosser, C. Hauser, L. Hoopes, D. Johnson, C. Jones, M. Kaehler, N. Kokan, O. Kopp, G. Kuleck, G McNeil, R. Moss, J. Myka, A. Nagengast, R. Morris, P. Overvoorde, E. Shoop, S. Parrish, K. Reed, E. G. Regisford, D. Revie, A. Rosenwald, K. Saville, S. Schroeder, M. Shaw, G. Skuse, C. Smith, M. Smith, E. Spana, M. Spratt, J. Stamm, J. Thompson, M. Wawersik, B. Wilson, J. Youngblom, W. Leung, J. Buhler, E. Mardis, D. Lopatto, and S. Elgin. The genomics education partnership: Successful integration of research into laboratory classes at a diverse group of undergraduate institutions. CBE Life Sciences Education. 2010; 9(1): 55-69
  • Znosko, W., Shibin, Y., Thomas, K., Molina, G., Li, C., Tsang, W., Dawid, I., Moon, A., and Tsang, M. Overlapping functions of Pea3 ETS transcription factors in FGF signaling during zebrafish development. Developmental Biology. 2010; 342(1): 11-25
  • Dearborn, D.C., L. MacDade, S. Robinson, A. Fink, and M. Fink. Offspring development mode and the evolution of brood parasitism. Behavioral Ecology, 2009; 20: 517-524
  • Fink, A., and M. Lunsford. Bridging the divides: Using a collaborative honors research experience to link academic learning to civic issues. Honors in Practice, 2009; 5:97-113
  • Shima, T., Znosko, W., and Tsang, M. The identification of a zebrafish pax2a enhancer mutant, mid-hindbrain gone (mgo).Developmental Dynamics. 2009; 238: 899-907
  • Kinman, E. Sculpting place through ceramic maps. In W. Cartwright, G. Gartner, and A. Lehn, Eds. Cartography and Art, (pp. 307-316), 2009; Berlin: Springer Publishing
  • Lopatto, D., C. Alvarez, D. Barnard, C. Chandrasekaran, H.-M. Chung, C. Du, T. Eckdahl, A. Goodman, C. Hauser, C. Jones, O. Kopp, G. Kuleck, G. McNeil, R. Morris, J. Myka, A. Nagengast, P. Overvoorde, J. Poet, K. Reed, G. Regisford, D. Revie, A. Rosenwald, K. Saville, M. Shaw, G. R. Skuse, C. Smith, M. Smith, M. Spratt, J. Stamm, J. Thompson, B. Wilson, C. Witkowski, J. Youngblom, W. Leung, C. D. Shaffer, J. Buhler, E. Mardis, S. Elgin. Genomics education partnership. Science, 2008; 322(5902): 684-685
  • Walker, D., Lutz, G.. and C. Alvarez. Development of a cross-disciplinary investigative model for the introduction of microarray techniques at non-R1 undergraduate institutions. CBE Life Sciences Education. 2008; 7(1):118-131
  • Hardin, D. Review of: Mockingbird Song: Ecological Landscapes of the SouthSoutheastern Geographer. 2008; 48(1): 125-127
  • Kinman, E., and J. Williams. Domain: Collaborating with clay and cartography. Cultural Geographies. 2007; 14: 433-444
  • Lehman, M. Influence of learning style heterogeneity on cooperative learning. NACTA Journal. 2007; 51(4): 17-22
  • Fink, A., A. Tudor, and F. Thompson, III. Songbird use of regenerating forest, glade, and edge habitat types. Journal of Wildlife Management, 2007; 70(1):180-188
  • Hardin, D. 'The same sort of seed in different earths': Tobacco types and their regional variation in colonial Virginia. Historical Geography. 2006; 34: 137-158
  • Buckalew, D., L. Hartman, G. Grimsley, A. Martin, and K. Register. A long-term study comparing membrane filtration with Colilert defined substrates in detecting fecal coliforms and Escherichia coli in natural waters. Journal of Environmental Management. 2006; 80(3): 191-197
  • Schootman, M., D. Jeffe, E. Kinman, G. Higgs, and J. Jackson-Thompson. Evaluating the utility and accuracy of a reverse telephone directory to identify the location of survey respondents. Annals of Epidemiology, 2005; 15(2): 160-166

* denotes Longwood University undergraduate author

# denotes Longwood University undergraduate student presenter at conference