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Intern's Self Evaluation Form

Your Information


1. Rate your preparation and performance in the following areas (attach additional sheets for all questions as needed):

Arrived at the appointed time:

Behaved in a professional manner:

Dressed appropriately:

Effectively performed assignments:

Showed initiative:

Showed ability to work with limited supervision:

Positively represented Longwood and the College of Business:

Rating of your computer skills preparation:

Rating of your oral communication skills preparation:

Rating of your written communication skills preparation:

Rating of your preparation for working with others:

Demonstrated problem solving skills:

Overall rating of your performance:


5. Rate the quality of the internship program in the following areas:

Your communication with your host internship company supervisor:

Your communication with the Faculty Internship Instructor

Your communication with the McGaughy Internship & Professional Development Center:

Your preparation for the internship:

Your overall rating of the internship program:




9. Based on your experience, would you recommend the sponsoring firm as a placement for other interns?:

10. Were you offered a full time position/employment upon graduation?:

If printing and completing the form, please return to:
Ms. Nancy Postans, Internship Coordinator
McGaughy Internship & Professional Development Center
Longwood University, College of Business and Economics
201 High Street, Farmville, Virginia 23909
internshipsCBE@longwood.edu -- Phone (434) 395-2878 -- Fax: (434) 395-2203