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Dual Enrollment Classes

Please visit cfr.longwood.edu for information regaring the dual enrollment course!



Economics and Personal Finance- FINA 250

Economics and Personal Finance is a 4 week rigorous course which satisfies the State mandated financial literacy requirements as well as the online experience and certification requirements. Students should expect to spend a minimum of 6 hours each day to be successful in the course. Students who finish with a "C" or better become a degree seeking student at Longwood University after high school graduation, earn a 3 credit hour scholarship. That equates to earning 6 credit hours for $400. Finance-250 satisfies a math requirement for future Longwood students, making this class heavily math oriented.


Examples of course subjects:

  • Credit Cards

  • Supply, Demand, and the Price System

  • Stocks/Bonds/Futures/Derivatives

  • Income and Labor Economics

  • Time Value of Money

  • Estate Planning

  • Mortgages and consumer loans


Dual Enrollment Youtube Video- Click Here


Dual Enrollment