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Dual Enrollment Classes


Virginia high-school students are required to pass a 1-credit course in economics and personal finance to graduate. Due to budget cuts in education, school systems are struggling to meet this mandate. There is no funding to hire new teachers and very little funding to retool and train existing teachers. Based on numerous conversations with superintendents around Virginia, Longwood University sees an opportunity to assist with this challenge.



Longwood University and Henrico County piloted a dual enrollment course in summer 2013 that simultaneously satisfies requirements mandated by the state of Virginia to graduate and provides 3 hours of academic college credit.

Requirements Met:

  • Economics and Financial Literacy (6120 Economics and Personal Finance SOL)

  • Online Experience

 Longwood hopes to expand this program and offer it to other Virginia school systems. Longwood recognizes the glaring need for financial literacy education and sees this as an opportunity to help young people develop good economic and financial habits that will benefit them throughout their lives. Some of the topics covered in this class include economics, retirement planning, investments, insurance, time value of money and the importance of saving.

Dual Enrollment Youtube Video- Click Here

Dual Enrollment