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Military Science

ROTC during Graduation

The objective of the military science and leadership program is to provide the leadership and management foundation required for military service as a commissioned officer or in a civilian counterpart position.

In support of this objective the program includes classroom instruction and activities geared to the development of leadership skills.

Military Science and Leadership classes may be taken by all University students. Class enrollment in the 100 and 200-level Military Leadership classes carry no U.S. Army commitment, and there is no obligation to enroll for successive course offerings. College and/or commissioning credit may be awarded for prior military service, attendance at the ROTC Leader’s Training Course, or Junior ROTC participation.

International students desiring to attend Military Science and Leadership classes must have written approval from their respective embassies prior to taking classes.


Undergraduate Catalog

For more information take a look at the  College of Business & Economics Undergraduate Catalog (pdf)