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News & Events

MISTERS Founder Visits Longwood MISTERS

Roy Jones and MISTERS Dr. Roy Jones discussing education aspects with Longwood Call Me MISTER participants.

Dr. Roy Jones, founder of the Call Me MISTER program at Clemson University and MISTER Mark Joseph, one of the original MISTERs, visited Longwood’s Call Me MISTER program November 3 and 4.

Dr. Jones, the Executive Director of the Call Me MISTER Program at Clemson University, conducted a two-day site visit at Longwood University. He met with Dean Paul Chapman, Maurice Carter and the MISTERs-in-training students. Dr. Jones and Dean Chapman discussed Longwood’s CMM mission and goals. The visit also solidified a continued partnership between the Universities. Dr. Jones, along with Mr. Joseph, participated in a Monday dinner and impromptu forum. Dr. Jones encouraged the MISTERs to complete their journey in becoming full-time educators. The session ended with 45 minutes of questions and answers.  In December 2013, Dr. Jones met with twelve MISTERs-in-training students in Fredericksburg, Virginia.


MISTER Recognized During Teacher Education Ceremony

MIchael Dunson at ceremony Michael Dunson receiving his pre-service teacher pin.

On October 30, 2014, the College of Education and Human Services hosted a celebration to honor the 93 teacher candidates who were accepted into the Teacher Education program as of January 1 to August 15, 2014.  MISTER participant, Michael Dunson was honored during the ceremony and is studying to become a math teacher. Successful candidates must apply to the program, submit two positive faculty recommendations, have qualifying assessments, an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher and a minimum grade of C in introductory education courses and English 150. The teacher candidates were given Longwood nametags identifying them as pre-service educators and a commemorative certificate.