Suit Me Up Info

Suit Me Up is a project-based learning initiative established through a partnership with the Joseph A. Banks store in Richmond's West Broad Street location and Longwood University’s Call Me MISTER program.

Through the special pricing offer of $400, donors can purchase a suit and give a suit to a Call Me MISTER participant. A MISTER-in-training participant will meet and present the Suit Me Up Initiative with a potential donor.


How much does it cost?

A $400 donation buys two suits. One suit is donated to a Call Me MISTER participant and the other may go to the donor or a second Call Me MISTER participant.

I want to support the project but I don’t need a suit.  Can I still participate?

Absolutely!  A $400 donation purchases two suits, both of which can be given to MISTER participants.

I want to support the project but can I do so at a lesser amount?

Absolutely! Donations can be sent to the Longwood Foundation Office throughout the year.  Thanks for marking Suit Me Up on your check or by using the "Make a Gift" button to donate by credit card. Support can be given throughout the year.

Will I receive a tax credit for my donation?

If you receive a suit, the tax credit will be $200.  Otherwise, the tax credit will be the amount of the gift.

I’d like to meet some of the MISTERs to hear the presentation.  How can I do so?

Use the Contact Form

After the presentation by the MISTER participant, do I give him a check for the suits?

No. All checks should be sent to the Longwood Foundation Office, 201 High Street, Farmville, VA 23909.  Please mark Suit Me Up on the description line and indicate if you will be receiving a suit.  Credit card payments can be made through their secure site.  Joseph A. Banks invoices the Call Me MISTER program for the suits.

When should the money be sent to the Foundation Office?

It should arrive by November 15.

When will we be fitted?

2016 details are still to be determined.

I’m not able to ride the bus on the day of the fitting.  Can I still participate?

Absolutely!  Arrangements can be made for you to select the suit and be fitted at another time.

How often do you offer the Suit Me Up Initiative?

Currently it’s being offered exclusively in the fall.

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