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Longwood University has a number of construction projects in progress or scheduled to begin in the near future.

Maugans Alumni Center and Blackwell Renovation

Blackwell Hall is one of the most historic and beloved buildings on Longwood’s campus.  It was the campus dining hall from 1920 until the very end of the 20th century, faithfully serving students, faculty, and staff of the institution known successively as the State Normal School for Women, the State Teachers College at Farmville, and Longwood College. 

 After Dorrill Dining Hall opened, Blackwell Hall commenced its journey into the 21st century with several stages of renovation that created an impressive conference and event facility.  In August 2012, Longwood received authorization to proceed with design and construction of a new alumni center in the lower level.  As the design of the Maugans Alumni Center neared completion, the opportunity emerged to enhance this strategically-located structure by simultaneously completing the renovation of the entire building.  Incorporating the additional work during the Alumni Center project is an efficient and cost-effective approach to maximizing the capability of this iconic building to serve the Longwood community.

 This project will create

  • The Maugans Alumni Center on the ground level
  • A two-level lobby and stairs connecting the ground and main levels
  • A board room and a servery on the main level
  • Three multi-use seminar rooms on the upper level
  • A new elevator connecting all three levels, providing ADA access to all levels
  • New south and west entrances
  • A new truck unloading area
  • New landscaping
  • A new hardscape connecting Beale Plaza with the new French Plaza

 The construction drawings for this project were approved by the Bureau of Capital Outlay Management on January 10, 2014.  Construction bids were received on February 18, 2014.  Jamerson-Lewis Construction Company of Lynchburg, Virginia, was the winning firm and a Notice to Proceed was issued on March 24, 2014.  Substantial completion of the project is anticipated in January 2015. 



Update: The weather has belayed the exterior landscaping from being completed. New completion date set for end of May/ beginning of June timeframe.

The French Hall renovation project is nearing completion.  While leaving the historic exterior of this building largely intact, the project provides a completely new interior structure.  The use of the approximately 41,452 gross square foot building is being changed from residential and miscellaneous space into the University Technology Center, the Assessment and Institutional Research Office, and a radio and television education facility (Media Production Facility).

The new facility provides approximately 16,748 assignable square feet (ASF) of modern, convenient, and efficient space for a new university technology center.  This center will provide new office and meeting environments for technology staff.  State-of-the-art huddle rooms provide space for collaborative engagement of staff.  The building is also providing a new faculty/staff training center to support the Longwood community.  The office suite for the Associate Vice President of Strategic Operations and Chief Information Officer will house an ultramodern Audio Visual center that is designed to double as an Emergency Operation Center for the university. 

The Office of Assessment and Institutional Research will also be moving into the newly renovated French Hall.  This office suite will contain approximately 1,250 assignable square feet.  In addition to the new office spaces, this area also boasts a state-of-the-art huddle room.

Theatre Arts and Communications Studies program offerings will be enhanced through the new media production facility housed within the French Hall technology center.  The approximately 5,313 ASF of instructional space includes:

  • A media production/television production studio and master control room
  • A radio station with radio production studio
  • Six editing rooms
  • Four instructional production studios
  • Four faculty offices
  • A green room

This is an exciting addition to our instructional spaces!

There are a few other enhancements that are worth mentioning.  First, the renovation has been sensitive to the original High Street Lobby.  Design attributes will be similar to the original structure and will feature the 90 year old salvaged floors.  A new portico and entrance have been created on the south side of the building.  This entrance opens onto a plaza and greenway.  The greenway will be a pedestrian way connecting Brock Commons to the eastern edge of campus with improved access to the Landings and downtown.

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Update: This project will have it's substanial completion in mid July and the final completion is set for August.The furniture is due August 1st.

Stubbs Hall, completed in 1966, is the third of the 1960s-vintage residence halls on the western campus border, and had not been upgraded or renovated since construction.  Besides housing nearly 190 students, Stubbs is also a key component of Longwood’s Greek life community, with 10 sorority chapter rooms and a large meeting room.  Starting in 2006, Longwood renovated its two neighbors, Wheeler and Cox Residence Halls.  The opportunity to remove Stubbs Hall from service for an entire academic year for a major renovation arose in 2012, and the renovation commenced in May 2013. 

 The renovation of Stubbs Hall encompasses:

  • Replacement of all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems
  • Addition of air conditioning
  • Replacement of the fire alarm system and addition of a fire sprinkler system
  • Upgrade of all interior finishes
  • A new common activity space
  • A new meeting room
  • A new common kitchen and a new laundry room
  • A new Residence Education Coordinator apartment (ADA compliant)
  • Reconfiguration and renovation of all chapter rooms
  • Creation of ADA access to the north and east sides of the building
  • Creation of six new ADA compliant rooms
  • Replacement of windows and all interior and exterior doors
  • Replacement of the elevator

 Completion of the renovation project is anticipated in time for students to move in by the start of the Fall 2014 academic year. 

Willett -HVAC

This project will start after graduation, May 2014 and is set to be completed by May 2015. HARK labs will be relocated to 211 4th street as well as 5 offices. The other HARK offices will be relocated to Coyner after ITS moves to French. The building will be completed in phases. The Gym and the cooridors will be completed first in time for Basketball season.

 Sophomore Residence Hall

A significant element of Longwood’s vision is to retain its residential character.  A thriving, vibrant on-campus community is an integral part of that vision.  It is extremely important that Longwood maintain a reasonable number of student residents on the main campus. The current Campus Master Plan sets a goal of 2,000 students living in on-campus residences. To reach this goal, the Campus Master Plan envisions residence halls forming a quad with the current ARC Residence Hall.

The closure of French and the Cunninghams will reduce the on-campus housing capability to fewer than 1,600 students.  Enrollment growth will add to the pressure on Longwood's housing inventory.  University leadership desires to build a residence hall to house at least 200 students in the near future.  It is anticipated to be a traditional suite-style residence that will meet the needs of primarily sophomore students.  The building's design will strongly reflect the traditional Jeffersonian/Neo-Palladian architectural styles prevalent on the campus.  Projections for housing demand indicate that this project needs to be completed as early in calendar year 2016 as possible, most definitely by the beginning of the 2016-17 academic year.

The most effective strategy to meet this requirement will be to have the Longwood University Real Estate Foundation build the 200-bed structure on Longwood property.  University and Real Estate Foundation staff personnel are developing the project management methodology and are working to engage a planning, design, and construction team.  A site plan for the entire residential quad will also be developed.  

 New Academic Building

This project will construct an approximately 42,000 gross square foot building in the historic core of Longwood University's campus.  The new facility will be a multipurpose, adaptable building that will provide approximately 75% of the additional academic space requirement for Longwood's anticipated future enrollment in one cost-effective project.  In concept, this new building will contain classrooms, laboratories, collaborative learning space, student research and inquiry space, the Center for Academic Faculty Enrichment, digital and distance learning facilities, other academic support space, and faculty offices.

Student Success Center

The Student Success Center project will construct a 25,000 square foot building that will enable Longwood to continue to improve student retention and graduation rates.  The Schematic Drawings of the building were approved by the Bureau of Capital Outlay Management (BCOM) earlier this month; the Architect/Engineering firm has started producing the Preliminary Drawings.

 Demolition of Cunninghams

This project will begin late summer. We will start with removing all the furniture then move right into the asbestos abatement before the demolition. The fencing will encompass the entire site - from Brock Commons to Jarman parking lot and both sidewalks closest to the building will be closed. There will be more information at a later date.

 Roof Projects:

Dorrill dining hall: this project will start May 2014 and be completed by October 2014
Hull: this project will start May 2014 and by completed by August 2014