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Longwood Recovers

Who We Are/Mission:

Longwood Recovers is an informal, voluntary support group offered at Longwood University to assist students in, or considering, recovery from alcohol and/or other drug problems.  Our primary mission is to provide a support network for members of the University community in recovery.


What We Do:

We can provide a non-judgmental, non-critical, private forum for discussion and support with members of the University community who share common challenges.  With our network of University undergraduate and graduate students, staff, faculty, and alumni, Longwood Recovers is a place for those in recovery to come together to discuss how to support one another and how to reach out to members of the collegiate recovery community.  Please come if you are in recovery, if you think you might have a problem with alcohol or drug addiction, or if you have questions or concerns related to addiction or recovery.



Longwood Recovers was founded in 2013.  This program is funded by a grant from the Stacie Mathewson Foundation (staciemathewsonfoundation.org), which focuses on addiction recovery and prevention for young people and is committed to erasing the social stigma associated with addiction and alcoholism.  Longwood Recovers is a member of the Association of Recovery in Higher Education (www.collegiaterecovery.org).



Longwood Recovers currently meets twice a month over lunch to discuss how to remain clean and sober in the college environment.  For more information about meeting times and places, please email: longwoodrecovers@longwood.edu.  For more information on Longwood Recovers, please contact Professor Kevin Doyle at 434.395.2328 or email: longwoodrecovers@longwood.edu.