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Counseling And Psychological Services (CAPS), Accredited by IACS

CAPS Intake Online

After scheduling an appointment, click on the link below to complete the on-line CAPS intake.  If you have not set up an appointment, please call 434.395.2409 to schedule one prior to completing the intake information.  Completing the intake information does not mean that you have an appointment. 

*The link below can only be accessed from a computer that is on campus and not wireless.*

CAPS Intake

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  • Sleep Improvement Workshop  

    Balancing life’s commitments can be a challenge, and college students often find it especially difficult to establish habits that foster effective sleep. Recent research has suggested that inadequate sleep can contribute to impaired academic performance, problems with mood and concentration, as well as weight gain. The Sleep Improvement Workshop is designed to address a core component of wellness and teach students skills to enhance their quality of sleep. Over the course of three weeks, with the option of an additional follow-up session, members of the group will learn to analyze their sleeping habits. Group members will also receive education about sleep hygiene and learn to implement activities in their daily routine that promote more effective sleeping. 

    The group will meet on October 8th, 15th, and 22nd starting at 3:30pm in Hiner 212.  If you are interested in the group and/or have questions, please contact Dr. Jenny Glass at 434.395.2409.

  • Grief and Loss Support Group

    College campuses can be a difficult environment to find a place to stop and reflect on the impact of losing someone. Students can often experience difficulties after losing someone, such as isolation and depression, since healing from grief is not an easy process. Sometimes the process can be long and painful. This  grief group is designed to help students set aside a time and place to reflect, remember, and heal. This group provides a confidential and safe environment for students to explore their grief.  We hope to help students along their journey towards healing by establishing a supportive place for students to discuss their loss.

    The group meets on Tuesdays starting at 3:30pm in CAPS's group room.  If you are interested in the group and/or have questions, please contact Dr. Holsinger at 434.395.2409 or longwoodCAPS@longwood.edu.

  • Socially Succeed

    College is a time of excitement, challenge, and growth—socially as well as academically.  It may be difficult to feel comfortable at times.  Loneliness and fear are common, normal feelings that many students experience.  Succeed Socially is a group designed to help make the process of forming friendships a little easier.  Each week, the group will focus on learning social skills to enhance and build friendships and explore new ways of being socially engaged on campus.

    If you are interested in the group and/or have questions, please contact Dr. Davino at 434.395.2409.


  • Stress and Anxiety Management Group

    This group is designed for people who have symptoms related to stress and anxiety and are seeking support and learning methods to cope with stress.  This is a support group where students who suffer from stress and anxiety can attend and get support and constructive feedback from other students who suffer with problems related to stress/anxiety.  Counselors also will tailor and present  psychoeducational information on how to manage stress/anxiety at the  request of the group.    The group is a great place to get support from counselors and fellow students for issues related to stress/anxiety.

    If you are interested in the group and/or have questions, please contact Dr. David Davino at 434-395-2409.

  • A.C.T. Group

    This support group was established at Longwood in the Fall '09 as a collaboration between the Counseling Center and Office of Disability Resources.  The group is open to any student who has registered with the Office of Disability Resources. Advocacy, Communication, and Transition (ACT) provides a safe place for students to openly discuss issues, share concerns, and receive support.

    This group meets Thursdays starting at 3:30 in the Office of Disability Resources.  If you are interested in ACT and/or have questions, please contact Lindsay Farrar 434.395.2391 trs: 711 or Dr. Maureen Walls-McKay at 434.395.2409.


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Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday


We are located in the Health & Fitness Center, Upper Level, South (back) entrance.


Click the button above to access a free confidential screening. 

This mental health screening tool has been funded by the Parents Council Grant.