Internship Overview

An undergraduate internship will help develop your resume and make you more marketable for employment and entry to graduate level programs.  Undergraduate internship responsibilities at Counseling And Psychological Services (CAPS) can involve coordinating outreach efforts, providing programming on mental health, well-being, and services offered at CAPS; or assisting in research.  Undergraduate interns are assigned a supervisor to help the student specifically design their internship based on the student's professional interests.  Past undergraduate interns have provided psycho-educational programming on dating violence, seasonal affective disorder, substance abuse, and eating disorders; have assisted in providing research on spirituality and men's issues; and have promoted CAPS offerings at campus events.  CAPS will accept one undergraduate level intern each semester. 

Application Process

All applications for an internship need to be submitted a semester in advance of the planned internship. Applications submitted early are given priority consideration. Positions stay opened until filled. 

The application process for the undergraduate internship is the following:

  1. A one-page cover letter that denotes your interest in the undergraduate internship
  2. A resume
  3. Two professional or academic references with contact information
  4. An interview with the Assistant Director of Training & Supervision, Dr. David Davino, and one other senior staff member
  5. A short (100 words) written proposal of an internship project that fits your interest area and addresses a need within the Longwood community. Past successful undergraduate intern projects have included outreach/psychoeducational programming on a variety of topics such as eating disorders, depression, and stress/anxiety management as well as projects that promote CAPS services. The proposal will be discussed during the interview.

Kiara Hurt, Class of 2015

While I was a Communication Sciences and Disorders major as an undergraduate, interning at the Counseling Center in Spring 2015 confirmed for me that I had made the right choice when I chose to pursue a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling. It opened up a lot of new opportunities and experiences for me that I would have never imagined were possible. Currently, I am enrolled in Longwood University’s Mental Health Counseling program. In addition, I have a Graduate Assistantship working in the Digital Education Collaborative (DEC).

My experience with the counseling center was what I needed to get some hands-on involvement before entering into a masters-level program in counseling and I was able to work with a great group of professionals. Not only did I get office experience, but I increased my level of professional and interpersonal skills.

Dynasty Jefferson, Class of 2015

My internship at Longwood's Counseling Center in Fall 2014 was a pivotal experience in my undergraduate career.  The internship afforded me the opportunity to see the inner workings of the Counseling Center and all that it offers to the students of Longwood. I honestly believe in the mission of Longwood University's Counseling Center, so I was excited to further promote their services. 

A personal goal as an intern was to decrease the stigma associated with mental health by educating students.  I researched the benefits of having access to anonymous mental health screenings and I knew that the students of Longwood would benefit from having a readily available resource.  I took the initiative and prepared a grant proposal and presented it to the Longwood Parents Council.  The Council awarded money to fund a one-year subscription to on-line anonymous mental health screenings.  It was encouraging to know that others realized the importance of decreasing the stigma associated with mental illness. The best part of this experience was that not only did I personally benefit from it, but the Longwood University community did as well.  Also, I got the opportunity to partner with professors and other students to raise awareness for suicide prevention. It was a great way to feel connected to my campus.

The internship provided insight into the career path that I wanted to pursue. Currently, I am pursuing a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health at Marymount University, and I'm excited to apply all the skills that I gained while interning at Longwood’s Counseling Center!

Morgan Reid, Class of 2014

I completed an undergraduate internship with the Longwood University Counseling Center in Spring 2014, and it helped me define my career path. Through my internship, I was supervised by an intelligent and experienced clinician. She helped me learn about the inner workings of the Counseling Center as well as to tailor projects to my specific interests. I have always been fascinated by the college environment, particularly how mental health impacts the classroom, the residence hall, and campus in general. Through my internship, I was able to host a panel that brought representatives from each of these areas together to hold a conversation about students’ mental health concerns from their points of view. Not only did this boost my knowledge, but it helped foster public speaking and leadership skills that I then carried into graduate school.

I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at The College of William & Mary. During my internship, I realized that I love working with the college student population and that the college counseling center is the perfect intersection between a community agency and a private practice. My graduate-level internship also involves working with college students, and I plan to continue counseling at the college/university level after I graduate.

Katie Mann, Class of 2010

My experience as an undergraduate Intern with Longwood's Counseling Center was invaluable.  Under the supervision of a skilled counselor and researcher, I examined the importance of spiritual wellness in higher education through conducting research and presenting implication on a panel with faculty and staff members.  Before completing this internship, I had minimal research and public speaking experience.  After partnering with the supportive staff members at the Counseling Center, I am now confident in my skills, as this experience prepared me for graduate school and other professional opportunities.  Currently, I am pursuing a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling at Longwood University.  As the Graduate Assistant in the Academic and Career Advising Center (now University Career Center), I advise students concerning academic and career exploration.  My experience as Intern in the Counseling Center equipped me with the confidence to present for classes and workshops.  As a Mental Health Support Specialist for Helton Inc., I provide mental health support for individuals with severe mental illness.  Through my experience in the Counseling Center, I developed the skills to be empathic towards students of different backgrounds and attune to individual needs. I encourage fellow Lancers to complete numerous internships to gain valuable experience and to discover their passion!