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Every attempt has been made to state the major and minor requirements as clearly as possible. However, it is strongly recommended that every student maintain close communication with the academic advisor assigned in order to plan their program in a fashion best suited to the student's individual goals and needs.

Please click on your major below for more information regarding policies and procedures you will need to follow in order to earn academic credit.

College of Arts & Sciences


College of Business & Economics


College of Education & Human Services


Risk Management

It is the responsibility of each student to complete and return the document in Appendix B to the academic department granting credit.


Where do you go from here?

Pick the top opportunities that match your goals and meet the necessary requirements for credit, prepare your application materials and apply for positions


Questions to ask your advisor:

  • How do I go about getting my internship experience registered?
  • Are there any initial forms or contracts that need to be completed before I begin my internship?
  • Do I need to log my hours during the internship?
  • What are the requirements (i.e. journals, papers, projects, etc.)?
  • Is there a mid-term or final evaluation that I should complete with the employer/internship supervisor?
  • Do I need to do a final paper or presentation once I complete my internship?
  • What if I have a double major or double concentration?
  • Does it matter in what career field or industry I choose to complete my internship?