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Is it okay to be undeclared?

Absolutely! In fact it may be beneficial to be undeclared if you are unsure of your academic and occupational pursuits. Instead of committing to a major that you know little about, being undeclared allows you to explore your options and ultimately find the major and career path that is right for you.


What do Academic Advisors do?

Advisors assist students in clarifying their life or career goals and in developing educational plans for the realization of those goals. Advisors can help monitor the student's progress and suggest the use of institutional support services. However, the ultimate responsibility for making decisions rests with the student.

Upon admission to Longwood University, if a student has indicated a major of interest, he or she is directed to that department for advising. If a student is undecided about a major, he or she is directed to the Academic & Career Advising Center.

The Academic & Career Advising Center staff assist in:

  • helping students understand their skills, interests, values, and limitations
  • developing educational and career goals
  • declaration of a major, program planning for majors, and course registration
  • providing information about academic policies, procedures, and programs
  • referring students to academic and student support services
  • evaluation of transfer credits


How do I find out who my advisor is?

Log into myLongwood. Under the Academic Profile section of the page, you will find your advisor's name. If you have trouble, call your academic department.


How do I make an appointment with my advisor?

Every advisor has their own preferred way of being contacted. Call or email him/her to get information on making an appointment. If you are unsure of your advisor's contact information, you can search for him/her in the Faculty/Staff Directory or contact your academic department.

If you are an undeclared student and your advisor is in the Academic & Career Advising Center, the easiest way to make an appointment is to call 434-395-2063. Anyone who answers the phone has access to the calendar and can find a time that works with your schedule.


Is there someone who I can talk with about choosing a major?

The Advisors in the Academic & Career Advising Center are here to assist you with assessing your skills, values, interests and limitations. They are also here to help you explore majors and their curriculums, narrow down your choices, and find a major that works for you.

You are also encouraged to speak with faculty, students and alumni about possible majors. Chances are they have either taught or taken courses in the majors you are considering and will be able to provide first hand knowledge about the field.


How do I change my major?

To officially change your major, you must complete and file a Change of Major form with the Office of the Registrar. Change of Major forms can be obtained from the Office of the Registrar's website. Please note that you will need to take the Change of Major form to the new Department Chair for his/her signature before submitting the form. Student Athletes must also obtain the signature of the Athletics Academic Support Coordinator before submitting.


Where do I find my grades? How can I see my transcript?

You can access both your grades and your academic transcript through myLongwood under the Student Tab. If you need a copy of your official transcript, you must request one from the Registrar's Office.


Other Questions?

The Academic & Career Advising Center is happy to answer any other questions you might have. Please call 434-395-2063 or email career@longwood.edu.