• Informational Interviews Help You Get Ahead

    Getting a job offer is a true process, often the result of several weeks or months of searches, applications, phone screenings, interviews, and negotiations.

  • Creating your Professional Brand

    Okay, maybe when it comes to canned veggies and frozen desserts, store-bought is fine, but when it’s you, branding is key, and taking the time now to think through your personal brand will pay large dividends later.

  • What Does Business-Forward Attire Mean?

    For some, pulling a business-ready outfit together takes no more effort than opening their closet. Still, many students face barriers to that kind of easy clothing assemblage.

  • Putting it All Online

    Throughout your collegiate career, you've likely amassed quite the collection of work: research papers, projects, slides, presentation handouts, summaries and critiques, graphics, video edits, and countless other items you completed for your classes,

  • Alumni, student participation triple in 2020 Work Shadow Program

    When more than 80 alums volunteer to spend a day showing current Longwood students the ropes of their jobs you know you’ve got an amazing network of caring and generous alumni.

  • You’ve connected—now what?

    Now that Career Week is over—the workshops, the networking session, the career fair—what do you do with the business cards and emails from the professionals whom you met?