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Finding your mission, calling, or at figuring out some form of what you want to do is hard for most.

Today we’re telling stories of individuals that found they’re dream job and then how they got there plus the lessons they learned along the way.

This American Life


Zoe Chace had no idea what she wanted to do post college.  She loved college but didn’t find any direction on a career that she’d enjoy, and ended up becoming a teacher and moving to Philadelphia.

In her tiny apartment without a TV she found radio and NPR.  It was during one This American Life segment produced by Jonathan Goldstein she had her Ah Ha moment  "This is so awesome, listening to this. I want to make this."

After that moment Zoe embarked on her quest to working at NPR and ultimately to her dream job at This American Life.   Along the way she shares critical insights into her mindset and actions that ultimately set her up for the success she was looking for.

“At NPR, it felt so good to be there, like I felt so sure, like this is the thing I want to do, that I felt desperate about it. So I was always thinking "How can I be better at this thing."

Zoe Chace

We were lucky enough to host Zoe at Longwood University earlier this year during our 2016 U.S. Vice Presidential Debate speaker series.

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From Rome to Vegas


It took a summer job in Rome during her freshmen year for Abby to find her passion in theatre and ultimately leading to a change in majors.  Her passion?  Stage management during productions.

After graduating in 2012, Abby (Frank) Sorese went through countless challenges and changes to reach her goals.  We hear some of the highlights and lowlights along her journey as her resolution remains steady chasing her dream job.

If anyone truly got after it to reach their goals Abby is one of the best examples.   

Once I figured out what I wanted, I worked really hard and I probably work harder than I would have had too if I have done something else.  It has a path, just because you have to make your own way through something doesn’t mean it doesn’t worth doing.

Abby Sorese '12

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • Stories of finding purpose and setting career/life goals
  • The attitudes and mindsets that lead to success and longterm growth.
  • Reflection on the journey and advice to those just getting started
  • The highs and the lows of chasing after dreams.


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