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The Big Move

The Big Move

Just 5 days after graduating Allie packed up everything she owned and moved to New York City, into a tiny apartment she split with a fellow alum.  Because she had no job and wasn’t sure what she was going to do she gave herself a 3 month timeline to find a job to be able to afford rent and living in New York City.

After only two months she got a text from a friend and her first full time position and was suddenly able to afford rent, what she wanted to do, and everything seemed good go.

I kept saying, "I'm only 22. I'm only 23. I'm only 24. I truly have so much time to find something." As long as I'm living, and I'm able to afford rent, and afford a pretty good life style, then that's okay. I'll find something.

Allie Shulman '13

But we talk about some of what was going on internally and why she ultimately took a lower paying position and ended up at a company running a unique style of concerts.  Make sure to listen in as we even attended one while interviewing and visiting with Allie in New York City.

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Coming Out

Coming Out

"I moved to New York, and I started meeting people who were so comfortable with themselves, and their sexuality, and who they wanted to be with. They didn't really care who knew, and who didn't. I started going out with those people."

We talk about the process of coming out, from discovering herself in the lesbian community to the role New York City played in her journey, Allie shares each step of her journey in this process.


"I just feel this sense of community, and there hasn't been a time where I've been nervous about being here."

We even go over the pontentially difficult conversations with parents and some of the really great moments that happened for Allie.

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • Finding yourself in the workplace
  • Following a passion and learning patience
  • Embracing your sexual identity
  • Accomplishing goals - even if you set them in 6th Grade.

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