Keyword optimization is essential when it comes to job search. If you don’t showcase the same skill sets as your target jobs require, you could hold yourself back in the hiring process.

Recruiters search for specific terms when they look for candidates to fill their openings, so you need to make sure you’re showcasing the right stuff. Here are some places you should look if you’re having trouble narrowing down what keywords and skill sets you should include in your resume and LinkedIn profile.


Job Descriptions

If you’re having a hard time figuring out what keywords and skill sets you should be emphasizing in your resume and LinkedIn profile, look at the job descriptions for the roles to which you’re applying. Go through and circle all of the hard skill sets listed throughout the job descriptions and make a list. What skill sets did you forget to include in your resume? Add in any additional skill sets you have but didn’t list.


LinkedIn Profiles

Take a peek at the LinkedIn profiles of experts in your field. What skill sets are they showcasing on their profiles? Make a list of any skill sets you see that you could include in your own LinkedIn profile and resume.


Your Resume

You might already have some great skill sets and keywords on your resume, however, if you’re not showcasing them effectively, you could be holding yourself back. For example, if you only include a term once on your resume that could be emphasized two or three times, your resume might not be as optimized as it could be. Take a look and see if you can beef up your resume with a few more of those relevant skill sets.


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Ariella Coombs

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