Dealing with a long and frustrating job search? You could be unconsciously sabotaging yourself. Here are three things that could be holding you back in your job search:

1. Lack of confidence.

If you’re not confident in yourself, it will show. Hiring teams will notice. If you can’t confidently market yourself, your skills, and your abilities, employers are going to question whether you’ve really got what it takes to do the job. Think about it this way: if you don’t believe in yourself, why should they?

Make a list of your top skills, character traits, and abilities, and play to those strengths. You have them so use them to your advantage! Own your strengths. Confidence in yourself isn’t cockiness. You need to believe in yourself if you want to succeed.


2. Lack of enthusiasm.

If you’re not excited about something, you’re not going to put your best foot forward. So, if you’re not sold on a certain company, job, or opportunity, you might unconsciously sabotage yourself because, deep down, you really don’t want it.

So, think about opportunities that DO get you excited. Make a list of 10 companies you’d LOVE to work for, and work toward them. Figure out why you want to work for them. What’s your connection? Why do you appreciate, admire, or respect them? Also, consider the types of jobs and projects that get you excited. What are they? What jobs are out there that will allow you to pursue your passions?


3. Lack of direction.

If you’re not really sure what you want to do next, it’s going to be hard to lock down a job. If you find yourself applying to random jobs because you don’t know what you want, your job search is going to be scattered and unfocused. This can be frustrating, to say the least.

Take some time to understand what direction you want to go in, what’s important to you in your next job, and what skills you want to leverage in your next role. This will help you map out a more strategic plan of attack so you can find a job you love.


If you need more help with your job search, head over to career services at Longwood University and chat with a career coach. Both students and alumni are encouraged to leverage this resource. Check it out!


Ariella Coombs

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