Candid Career is an amazing recourse free to Longwood University Students that offers informational interviews from thousands of business professionals. Whether you’re interested in business, science, art or history, there are videos just for you. Use the “Explore Careers” Tab to search for your interests from college majors to career titles.

Not only can you see the interviews form the jobs listed but you can see featured videos in the miscellaneous forum that may not fall into the other categories. There is also a “Get Hired” section of the website that gives some tips and tricks on resume writing, interviewing and networking which are all important and another valuable resource!!

In the Business section of Candid Career, you can find so many unique jobs that people have achieved with continuous hard work and never losing sight of their goal. Business degrees are AWESOME and on top of typical jobs that are perfect for the analytical minded, there is also some really neat outside of the box opportunities. Founder of Yogavated Athletics Travis shares his goal of finding passionate artists from around the world and putting their designs on crafted workout wear.

Travis says he measures success by creating a sustainable product that betters everything it is involved in. Of course, sales are also a part of being successful and as business majors know, numbers are everything, but the interactions that we have with people around the business are also so important. A business degree was crucial for Travis to make his brand and he relied heavily on his training in marketing as well as finance. However, Travis’s biggest piece of advice is finding a mentor that is willing to help you as well as finding a paid or unpaid internship.

In the Office of Alumni and Career Services, we are dedicated to helping students past and present be able to take the leap in their future career endeavors. We can help you with your resume and cover letters as well as how to network on our social media sights and even how to ace a mock interview for an internship. So take Travis’s advice and let us help you prepare you for your future!


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Marie Danner ‘20

Hello! My name is Marie Danner and I am a second year in the Graduation Program at Longwood University for School Counseling. I went to Longwood for my undergrad in Psychology with a minor in Business Administration and I just couldn’t leave. Now I am a Graduate Assistant in the Office of Alumni and Career Services for my second year and I can’t wait to be able to help you with your career questions!

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