Initially, choosing a career path may seem intimidating. The many resources to gather and understand can really add stress on your shoulders. Fortunately, with Candid Career, all the information you need is right at your fingertips!

Candid Career is a service providing accurate, career-based information for Longwood University students and alumni. What makes this portal unique is that it offers career planning assistance and advice through thousands of engaging video clips. These clips are formatted in a relaxed interview style, featuring experienced candidates speaking honestly about their profession. In this way, viewers feel less overwhelmed in choosing a career path, and more prepared for the requirements it may entail.

The website offers an easy and accessible way to delve into your career path. On the homepage, the dropdown tab “Explore Careers” organizes careers by categories: Industries, Career Titles, College Majors, and Companies. If your career isn’t mentioned, a miscellaneous category is prepared to take you in the right direction. As the viewer scrolls over each video, the length of the clip appears. Candid Career makes a strong effort in keeping their videos less than 5 minutes. Short and informative is the motive- perfect for viewers on a time crunch. For each video, the interviewee covers topics including their story, job description, loves, challenges, preparation strategies, and a final word of advice. Each response is honest and sentimental to the speaker.

Candid Career provides a “Get Hired” tab on the homepage as well. This dropdown menu presents categories on everything from resume writing, to interviewing, to networking, and more. The trusty search bar is also available to locate specific inquiries. A blog section featuring hot topics in career development can be viewed as well. Overall, the mission for this platform is to deliver honest information in a way that is inclusive and valuable for every viewer.

An excellent way to introduce Candid Career interviewees to broad populations is to highlight them in our articles! This month’s interviewee is apart of the humanities field, and she is nothing short of special. April Miller is a licensed professional counselor and play therapist. What is a play therapist, you may ask? April explains that along with implementing play instruments into her counseling sessions, she also allows clients to engage in art exercises and even horse-riding. Each play device helps mirror changes in client behavior as they work with April. How cool is that? While her days are booked with back-to-back sessions, she still finds time to decompress and center herself, a necessity for any care provider.

April continues her interview by discussing the “loves” for her specialty, including her passion for using creative means to guide clients into a healthier space. Her biggest challenge, as she mentions, is “stepping back and taking care of herself.” April points out that as a counselor, she is her own biggest tool. Self-care must always be a priority to effectively maintain that tool. She advises viewers to engage in networking and shadowing early on, to find the specialty you love most.

While April’s journey in career development was challenging, she is truly passionate about her current counseling role. To learn more about April or professionals in fields of all kinds, visit Candid Career today! Drop your favorite video in the comments below.

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Lindsay Hively ’19 and ‘21

Hi there! I’m Lindsay, a current graduate assistant for Longwood’s Office of Alumni and Career Services. I’m also a graduate student in the Counselor Education program, specifically the Mental Health track. After spending the best four years at LU for my undergrad, I simply couldn’t get enough. I’m excited to work with you on building your career. Feel free to stop by our office and meet me!

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