Are you an artist looking to run your own gallery? Or a chemist with dreams of managing a pharmaceutical company? Whether in the sciences or the arts, the ability to manage people and finances will be a competitive advantage.

Why should students start looking into Longwood’s MBA program while in undergrad? 

The MBA 4+1 program is a great opportunity for our current Longwood students. They can finish their Master’s degree in 12 or less months after graduating with their undergraduate degree. The entire program is online so they have the flexibility of relocating after graduation if they choose. It doesn’t matter which major students are in, an MBA is designed to prepare you for making managerial decisions and leading people.


Can current students take MBA level classes in undergrad?

All Longwood students are able to take two, 3 credit, MBA courses during their undergraduate career which can count towards their undergraduate AND graduate degrees.


After graduation where have alumni gone with their new degree?

  • Corporate Controller/Director of Accounting
  • Healthcare Director
  • Project Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • CEO
  • Engineer Manager/Director
  • Business Analyst


What are the admissions requirements?

If students don’t take the 2 MBA courses during their undergraduate degree and earn a 3.5 or higher GPA in those courses they will have to meet the following admission requirements; Students must submit an online application with the following information; 3 letters of reference, transcripts from all higher education institutions attended, GMAT score is optional (please see below), and resume.

A GMAT waiver may be granted for students who have fulfilled one of the following criteria; earned a 3.2 or higher undergraduate GPA, seven or more years of post-bachelor’s field experience, completion of a master’s or doctoral level degree from an accredited institution, or Possession of professional certifications with a quantitative focus, such as the CPA, CFA, FINRA, Six Sigma, etc.

It’s not too late to apply and start this fall! Apply here, or contact me, Ms. Danielle Hennessey, at for questions.

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