There are A TON of careers to choose from, so it is important to do research about different jobs and career paths. Candid Career is one way to explore jobs you may be interested in and start to establish your career path.

Candid Career is a service available to Longwood University students and alumni that provides insight into thousands of jobs through informational interviews. This portal not only allows students to explore diverse career paths but also gain advice in their current fields.

The “Explore Careers” tab allows you to look into different careers based on several categories: Industries, career titles, college majors, and companies. There is also a miscellaneous category if you are interested in a job that does not fall into one of the career fields listed. For example, the miscellaneous category includes videos on in demand jobs, happiest jobs in America, and jobs for students with a liberal arts degree. Most of the videos are under 5 minutes, so they will not take up too much of your time while giving you the opportunity to learn about different careers!

The “Get Hired” portion of this website is also very helpful. This portion of the website has featured videos that change periodically, but you can also explore this page based on a topic of interest. Similarly, this portion of the website has information about resume writing, interviewing and networking that you may find helpful!

Candid Career even features some celebrities! For example, one video portrays an informational video with Kunal Nayyar, the actor that plays “Raj” on the The Big Bang Theory. In his interview, Nayyar discusses what it is like to be an actor and how he prepares for his role. He talks about practicing his lines, all the revisions that go into perfecting the script, and what it is like to shoot the television show in front of a live studio audience. He also discusses some differences between stage and film acting.

Check out the other actors or a completely different career path and let us know which video was your favorite in the comments below!


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