Getting a job offer is a true process, often the result of several weeks or months of searches, applications, phone screenings, interviews, and negotiations. While the process can be wearying, you can help it by increasing your visibility and leveraging your LinkedIn profile to elevate you above other applicants. One way to do this? Setting yourself apart with 2 or 3 high-quality LinkedIn recommendations.

Step 1: Identify the best person to write your LinkedIn recommendation. This is someone who has worked directly with you in a supervisory role within the last calendar year. You want to choose someone who has both observed and benefitted from your workplace skills and abilities.    

Step 2: Make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated by checking to verify all employment, education, volunteer, and skills information is correct, and updating your photos, work samples, and likes to reflect your current standing. The person you ask will undoubtedly look through it!

Step 3: Make the ask! Once you’re on LinkedIn:

-Go to the LinkedIn Profile of the person you have chosen

-Click the “More” icon near the top of their profile page

-Choose “Request a Recommendation”

-Fill in the “Relationship” and “Position at the time” fields

-Add a personalized message that includes reference to

1) why you are making the request

2) the skills and abilities that you would like highlighted

-Send the request!


Tips and Reminders

-Quality is more important than Quantity;

-You need two or three strong recommendations, not 10 weak ones

-Focus on past or present direct supervisors of your work

-For upcoming or recent college graduates, choose professors who you have worked with, not just had class with

- Send a thank-you note

-Keep the connection up after they have written the recommendation

About the Author

Megan Miller MA ’15

Megan Miller MA ’15 is the Associate Director of Campus Career Engagement at Longwood University. Prior to this, Megan served as the Assistant Director of Academic Services for Longwood Athletics after completing a 13-year career in teaching. She earned a Master’s Degree in Literature from Longwood University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education from Auburn University.

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