branding yourself online

Having a strong, cohesive personal brand is essential to success, whether you’re looking for a job, making a career change, or just trying to advance your career. That’s why branding yourself effectively online is so important. Think you have a weak online presence? Here are three tips for branding yourself online:

1. Secure Your Domain Name ASAP

These days, having a website is a big piece of your personal branding strategy. When people search for you online, you want to make sure they’re seeing branded content from you. That’s why your challenge is to secure your domain name.

Domain names, or URLs, are getting snatched up pretty quickly these days because people realize there are only so many available. So, buy your domain name, ideally your first and last name, as soon as possible. For example, my domain name is

Even if you don’t build your site for a little bit, just saving your domain name is important so you don’t have to worry about getting it later.

2. Use An Easy Website Builder

Don’t know how to code? No worries! You don’t need to have experience with HTML. Platforms like WIX or Squarespace make it easy for you to build a custom website without having to deal with tons of confusing coding. For the most part, you choose a template and then drag and drop in images, text, and so on. How easy is that? If a full website is daunting utilize your LinkedIn profile.

3.Start Blogging

Blogging is a great way to showcase your expertise on a topic or industry. If you want to show employers, clients, or anyone else that you’re passionate about what you do, start a blog. You don’t have to write super long posts and you don’t have to post every day. The key is to have a consistent schedule and topic that you focus on. People will find your articles when they search for you online, and it will help you build your brand as an expert in your field. 

Branding yourself online isn’t a novelty anymore; it’s a must-do. If you want to build a strong personal brand that people recognize, respect, and recommend, you need to create an online presence so you show up in Web searches.

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