With the exception of certain majors, all Longwood students have the option to add a minor—an 18-credit series of classes that gives you an extra edge in job applications and career options.

Often, pairing a minor from another college (like adding a business minor to your Psychology major, or a French minor to your Biology degree) opens up avenues to companies and organizations that otherwise might overlook your resume.

In making the choice, consider what kind of minor will bring in completely different skills, knowledge, and networks while also working towards your future career goals. While majoring in English and minoring in Children’s Literature are a natural pairing (especially if you want to become a teacher without having to be an education major), it might be more prudent in the long-term to pair that English major with a minor in something like Communication Studies, Psychology, or Sociology to add depth to your resume and open up additional alumni networks.

No matter what you're thinking, though, Career Services is here to help you make those decisions and guide you onto the right path for your future.


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