Connecting or messaging on LinkedIn can seem daunting until you get the hang of it. Use these templates below to help you frame your connection or interview requests when you hit the “connect” button!

To inquire about internship opportunities:
Good morning/afternoon (name),
I wanted to reach out to you because, after reading your LinkedIn profile and learning more about your company, I was wondering if you had internships available.
I am currently a (class year) at Longwood University, focusing on (concentration), and I have been working on developing my skills in (2-3 keys areas). I would (love/appreciate) the opportunity to utilize these skills at (company name) while also having the chance to grow and refine them. I have work samples available if you’d like to see them.
If internships aren’t available, would you be willing to have a 15-20 minute phone call with me to talk through some of your career history and experience?
Thank you,
(Your name)

To connect with someone who might need context for your request:
Hello! My name is ___________ and I am hoping to connect with you because I see that you work with/for/in ________, which is an area/company/group that I am interested in learning more about. I look forward to being able to learn from you! Thank you for your consideration.

To network for a potential future job:
Good morning/afternoon,
I am excited to connect with you because I am very interested in making a career move to (company) and I was hoping to learn more about it from you. I am currently a (year) at Longwood/ Longwood graduate in __________ program. Thank you, (your name)

When they were suggested to you by someone else:
Hello! My name is ______ and our mutual connection ___________ suggested that I reach out to you. I look forward to connecting! Best, (your name)


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