For Valentine’s Day, treat your future to a special date with Career Services to find the perfect Career Match.

For every career you can think of, there are 10 that you may have never have heard about; Career Services can show you the full scope of your options, help you learn about the variety of work environments, and pinpoint what industry and field are best for you! There are two types of appointments that you will want to make: Career Exploration or Graduate School Preparation.

Exploration appointments are helpful if you are unsure what career to pursue, what fields will fit your goals, or how to transition from a current career choice into a new one. Typically, the conversation centers around finding clarity in goals, discovering new paths, or changing direction (i.e. no plan at all, change in passion/major/career path, looking for a better job than the current one). The goal of this appointment is to work towards a direction and create a plan of action. If requested, Career Coaches can help facilitate personality or skill self-assessments.

Graduate School Preparation is helpful if you want to find what type of program is best for you and get tips on how to write your personal statement, prepare for your entrance exam, and more. Students can begin exploring graduate school as an option for the future; if you are already in the application process, our staff can help you to revise your documents for admission.

You can have a dinner date with anyone, but your future will thank you for making this one! So make that appointment.

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