• What Does Business-Forward Attire Mean?

    For some, pulling a business-ready outfit together takes no more effort than opening their closet. Still, many students face barriers to that kind of easy clothing assemblage.

  • Putting it All Online

    Throughout your collegiate career, you've likely amassed quite the collection of work: research papers, projects, slides, presentation handouts, summaries and critiques, graphics, video edits, and countless other items you completed for your classes,

  • What to Know when Mixing Business and Fun

    Now that much of the working world has returned to in-person events, it’s time to brush up on the guidelines and expectations for what to do when you’re in a situation that combines a work environment with food and drinks.

  • Pack it up, Pack it in

    Career Week is rapidly approaching, and with events and activities open to all Longwood students, you can use your time during Fall Break to make sure you’ve got the clothes you need and the items you’ll want.

  • Hello, my name is..my name is.. my name is..what’s my name again?

    “Introduce yourself!’ is one of those commands that sounds like it should be easy, second nature, no problem-- somewhere along the lines of “tie your shoes” or “turn off the lights.”

  • 4 Ways to Meet People in Your Target Industry

    Meeting people in your target industry isn’t hard when you know where to look! Try these activities and see how big your network can grow.

  • People meeting one another

    How to Network Your Way Into ANY Industry

    When you introduce yourself to people, what do you say? Are you being clear and intentional with your introduction?

  • What Are Core Values And Why Do They Matter In My Career?

    In order to be happy and fulfilled in your career, you need to understand your core values. What’s most important to you in your life? It ties to your career happiness more than you might think.

  • What To Do Before You Graduate From College

    If you’re not quite sure what you should be doing at this point, here are some must-dos before you collect your diploma.

  • How To Stay Relevant In An Uncertain Job Market

    In this world, the job market is ever-changing. It ebbs and flows, just like everything else. If you want to be hirable, regardless of the job climate, you need to be strategic and plan ahead.