LinkedIn Influencers Week


Longwood University presents Career Chats Live: LinkedIn Influencers Week

These live streaming events are open to all and will feature some of the top LinkedIn Influencers from around the country!

Find out how to enhance your personal brand, find a job you love, or advance in your current line of work.

Jeff Haden

5 Tips For Getting Promoted at Work

Join Jeff Haden, ghostwriter and Inc. Magazine contributing editor as he shares his top 5 ways to set you ahead of the pack.

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Bruce Kasanoff

No Choking - How to Negotiate For What You're Worth

Join Bruce Kasanoff for a humbling yet productive lesson in showing off!

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JT O'Donnell

The Fastest Way to Find a Job You Love

Join J.T. O'Donnell, career guru and founder of CareerHMO and Careerealism as she walks you through her foolproof ways to find a job you love.

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Stacy Zapar

How to Use Social Media to Build Your Personal Brand

Join Stacy Zapar, the 'Most Connected Woman on LinkedIn', as she gives a short course in what it means to have a digital presence.

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