Lessons your professor didn't teach you in class.


Worried about life after graduation? The thought of being stuck in a job you hate keeping you up at night?

Have no fear - no matter what age or stage you're in at Longwood or in your career search, The Real World Chronicles has real advice from real professionals. They've seen it all - from working at LinkedIn to starting their own company - and are ready to help.

J.T. O'Donnell

Your Career Toolkit: How to get a killer job, and one you won't be bored with


Anyone can tell you how to get a job - but how do you start applying for a jobs while balancing your social life, classwork, and are living in Farmville?


With years of experience and an exciting take on the job search, J.T. is here to help you prepare to  land your dream job after college, regardless of how much time is left until graduation.

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Catherine Byers Breet '93

Dream Job Possible: You CAN do what you love for a living, but it won't fall in your lap.

She once got caught hiding from an Executive VP. Not her finest moment! But it was the moment Catherine Byers Breet decided to stand up for herself, and take control of her own career. It paid off. Today, she loves what she does for a living, and will show you how to do the same … in 4 simple steps.

Join Catherine (a proud Longwood alum!) for a fun, real-world talk about how to make your dreams your reality. She’s been getting people hired since 1997, and she’s really stinkin’ good at it. In fact, as Chief Stripe Changer for ARBEZ (a firm she started in 2006), she’s helping people all around the world to do what they love for a living. She’ll cover:

• How to isolate your target (what’s really possible)
• 4 simple steps to the job you want
• Top 10 confessions from the hiring side of the desk
• 4 biggest barriers to your success (and how to avoid them)

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John Hill

How to build your network while you're still in college: The power of relationships

He's been behind the scenes at LinkedIn - and will share tricks of the trade of how to build your network while still balancing a full-time workload. With connections across the globe, he'll share stories of his travels and how to network like a pro.

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