How do I make an appointment with a Career Coach?

The easiest way to make an appointment is call our office at 434-395-2063 and we are happy to assist!


Where is University Career Services located?

University Career Services in located in Maugans Alumni Center. Come in the front doors and turn right! 


How do I find an on-campus, internship, or full-time job?

We are happy to schedule a one-on-one appointment to help you create your internship and job search strategy, but if you would like to research what is available before you come in, please check out, Handshake. Handshake is our free job posting site that helps students and alumni find open positions as well as explore career jobs and research companies.


Who can I talk to about choosing or changing my major?

We are happy to help you in assessing your skills, values, and interests as they relate to potential majors or changes to your current major. We also encourage you to speak with faculty, students, and alumni about your possible majors.  Chances are they have either taught or taken courses in that major and can provide you with first hand knowledge about the field.

To officially change your major with the University, you must complete and submit a Change of Major form with the Office of the Registrar.


What happens if I misuse Handshake?

Handshake is exclusively for the Longwood community, meaning only current students and alumni can log in. Unprofessional or inappropriate use of the system can result is loss of access. If you are a student or alumni and cannot access Handshake please call our office at 434-395-2063 or email


Do employers and faculty really report unprofessional behavior?

Yes, both employers and faculty contact University Career Services with complaints about student’s unprofessional behavior. Unprofessional or inappropriate communication via email or in-person will not be tolerated. Students who have been found to use unprofessional or inappropriate communication with an employer, academic advisor, faculty, or staff member may be reported to Career Services; violators will be immediately blocked from Handshake.  

If you are a student found in violation please contact University Career Services within 5 business days of being notified to rectify the situation.


I have accepted a job or internship offer, now what do I do?  

First, Congratulations! Second, now that you have officially accepted a job or internship offer you should withdraw any outstanding applications from other employers immediately.  If you are invited to an interview after you have accepted an offer either verbally or in writing, you must decline the interview and inform the employer that you have accepted a position elsewhere.  To do otherwise is a breach of ethics.


I have accepted a job or internship offer and now I have decided to take a different position. What does that mean?

This is referred to as reneging on an offer with an employer, which  will result in being blocked from Handshake and the On-Campus Interviewing program. To renege is to go back on a promise, undertaking, or contract.  

In this context you have verbally or contractually agreed to commit to a job or internship offer and then withdrew and the employer has reported that to our office. In order to regain access to Handshake you must contact University Career Services within 5 business days of being notified to rectify the situation.


At the last minute I was unable to attend my On-Campus Interview,  what happens now?

Failing to attend OR failing to cancel a scheduled on-campus interview 48 business hours in advance of your interview time will result in being blocked from Handshake and the On-Campus Interview program.  

Please contact our University Career Services to regain access.  Should a second offense occur you will be permanently blocked from both Handshake and the On-Campus Interview program.


I missed my appointment with University Career Services today. What happens next?

In the future we recommend that you reach out to our office 24 hours in advance to let us know if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. A combination of 3 “same day cancellations” or “No Shows” will result in the inability to make appointments with University Career Services staff for the remainder of the semester in which the violation occurs.

Each academic year University Career Services surveys all graduating graduate and undergraduate students at Longwood University to gather information regarding employment status, graduate/professional school enrollment, and starting salaries. 

Students, Parents, and Families if you have any questions please review our FAQ about the First Destination Survey. 

What is the First Destination Survey?

The First Destination Survey is a short, online survey that asks about what graduating students are doing or plan to do upon graduating from Longwood University.  Graduates are asked about their employment status, career field, job location, employer information, salary, and graduate/professional school enrollment. 

Where do I find the First Destination Survey? 

The First Destination Survey can be accesses by logging into Handshake and completing the survey.  The survey will be attached to your Handshake profile and if you cannot find it please reach out University Career Services. 

How long will it take to complete the survey? 

The First Destination Survey is short (five to seven minutes) online survey that is availalbe to Longwood University students prior to graduation. 

How will this information be used? 

The information you share, we will work to enhance our services provided to all Longwood University alumni as well as current and future Lancers.  Summary reports of the results are also used for accrediation and federal and state compliance.  

Are my responses confidential? 

Your responses are strictly confidential and no individual's answers will ever be identified in any report. 

Where can I find further information on this topic?

For any further questions please email Ashley Crute, Associate Director of Career Services at