All appointments with Career Coaches at University Career Services are one hour in duration and available for current students and alumni of Longwood.

Appointments are scheduled between 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday, while school is in session either in person or via Skype. Off hour appointments may be scheduled on a case-by-case basis with individual Career Coaches. University Career Services does offer walk-in hours, but appointments are recommended.

University Career Services offers several appointment types with specific learning outcomes associated with each topic and include tutorials on using important tools like Handshake and the Longwood Network.

Type 1: Exploration

An open roadExploration appointments are for anyone at any point in their career journey. Typically, the conversation centers around lack of clarity, discovering new paths, or a change in direction (i.e. no plan at all, change in passion/major/career path, looking for a better job than the current one). The goal of this appointment is to work towards a direction and create a plan of action. If requested, Career Coaches can help facilitate personality or skill self-assessments.

Alumni considering a career change are highly encouraged to schedule this type of appointment.

Type 2: Job Application Toolkit

Students or Alumni wishing to receive feedback on resumes and/or cover letters as they are applying to specific jobs should bring draft versions and receive tips for improvement. Coaches also discuss in general terms how to customize resumes and cover letters to specific job descriptions to get their documents noticed by hiring managers.

Type 3: Linkedin Training

During Linkedin Training appointments, Career Coaches will help students and alumni create and/or improve Linkedin profiles and learn the many features of the platform that make it the most important career development tool on the planet. Linkedin offers many tools that are often underutilized by students and alumni in their effort to build a network, explore career paths, and ultimately apply for jobs and internships.

Type 4: Job and Internship Search Strategy

Appointments for job and internship search strategies involve teaching students and alumni to develop a two-path approach. Career Coaches
will help students build a network development strategy that ultimately results in obtaining a truly aspirational job or internship while simultaneously helping them focus on steps to secure interviews over the short term.

Type 5: Application and Interview Training

Career Coaches will help students and alumni prepare the application documents for specific job openings or graduate schools. In addition, Coaches assist clients that have successfully advanced to the interview phase of the hiring process by preparing and practicing responses to a likely line of questioning. Finally, students and alumni interested in preparing for “informational interviews” can receive help conducting research and building a list of questions to ask.

Type 6: Practice Interviews

In this appointment type, students and alumni can begin to practice responses to standard questions most commonly posed during phone screenings and early-round interviews. We encourage students to email in a  job description and their resume prior to each interview so that a Career Coach can customize the interview as much as possible.  

Type 7: Connection-Ready

Type 7: Connection-Ready

In this appointment type, connection-ready students - those that have completed all other appointment types with a Career Coach and are prepared to be introduced to our alumni - will meet one final time to prepare. Connection-ready students will be matched with our alumni that have raised their hand to meet for an informational interview to help launch a student's career.