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Peggy Agee, M.Ed., Instructor, Communication Disorders
Gayle Daly, M.S., CCC-SLP, Instructor, Communication Disorders, and Program Coordinator
Stephen C. Keith, Ed.D., Assistant Professor of Education  

The four-year undergraduate major in Communication Disorders is a preprofessional program which prepares the student for entry into a Master’s degree program in Communication Disorders, Speech-Language Pathology, or Audiology.  

Communication Disorders MAJOR


A.  General Education Requirement. 33 credits.
See General Education Requirements  

B.   Additional Degree Requirements, B.A. 9 credits.
Additional Degree Requirements, B.S. 10 credits.
See Additional Degree Requirements  

C.   Major Requirements. 51 credits.  

Cdis 201  Introduction to Communication Disorders/3 credits 
Cdis 285 Language Development/3 credits            
Cdis 290   Observation of Speech/Language Pathologist or Audiologist/2 credits
Cdis 307 Phonetics/3 credits 
Cdis 313 Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing Mechanisms/3 credits
Cdis 314 Articulation and Phonology/3 credits 
Cdis 333 Fluency Disorders/3 credits   
Cdis 361 Introduction to Audiology/3 credits  
Cdis 375 Language Disorders:  Assessment and Therapy/3 credits
Cdis 385 Organic and Neurogenic Disorders of Speech and Language/3 credits  
CDIS 393 Ethics In Communication Disorders/1 credits  
CDIS 394 Clinical Procedures/3 credits  
CDIS 412 Administration Methods in Communication Disorders/3 credits  
CDIS 430 Language and Literacy/3 credits  
CDIS 433 Voice Disorders/3 credits  
CDIS 462   Aural Rehabilitation/3 credits  
CDIS 489 Observation and Therapy/3 credits  
RECR 206 Introduction to American Sign Language/3 credits  

D.   General Electives, B.A. Degree: 27 credits.
General Electives, B.S. Degree: 26 credits.  

E.   Total Credits Required for B.A. or B.S. Degree in Communication Disorders/120

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