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International Studies Program

Longwood offers an International Studies Program for those who wish to devote a part of their education to learning about societies other than their own. Overseas study provides students an opportunity to supplement his/her academic major with a concentration of studies, which will enhance an understanding of the larger world in which we must live and work. 
Students wishing to participate in the program must apply through the International Affairs Office (L124).

International Studies Minor 
John F. Reynolds, Coordinator 

        Longwood offers an International Studies minor for those students who wish to devote a part of their education to learning about societies other than their own; it aims to give interested students an opportunity to supplement their academic major with a concentration of studies which will enhance an understanding of the larger world in which we must live and work. 

       Students who wish to participate in the minor should contact Dr. John Reynolds in Grainger 206.  

Requirements for 18-Credit Minor in International Studies  

     1.  9 credit hours in a modern language at the 201 level or above to include 330 (Culture and Civilization). Note: Modern Language majors must take all 18 hours in number 2 below. 

     2.  9 credit hours chosen from the following (no more than two courses from any one discipline may be chosen): 

ANTH 204

Language and Culture/3 credits  

ANTH 316 

People of Africa/3 credits

ANTH 317

Peoples of the Pacific/3 credits  

ANTH 320

Folklore/3 credits  

ART 261

History of Prehistoric Ancient and Medieval Art in the Western World/3 credits

ART 262

History of Western Art:  Renaissance to Contemporary/3 credits  

BIOL 496

Research Projects in Biology/1-4 credits

CHEM 496

Research Projects in Chemistry/1-4 credits  

ECON 310

Comparative Economic Systems/3 credits

ECON 319

International Economics/3 credits  

GEOG 352

World Regional Geography/3 credits  

GEOG 401 

Geography of South and East Asia/3 credits

GEOG 402

Geography of Latin America/3 credits  

GEOG 403

Geography of Europe/3 credits  

GEOG 444

Political Geography/3 credits  

GEOG 450

Geography of Contemporary Problem Areas/3 credits  

GEOG 453

Geography of the Former Soviet Union/3 credits  

HLTH 210  

World Health Issues/3 credits

HIST 200

History of China/3 credits  

HIST 307

United States Diplomatic History to 1898/3 credits  

HIST 308

United States Diplomatic History from 1898/3 credits  

HIST 314

Political History of Africa/3 credits  

HIST 325 

History of Latin America/3 credits  

HIST 336

History of Japan/3 credits  

HIST 355  

Europe in the Nineteenth Century, 1815-1914/3 credits

HIST 356 

Europe in the Twentieth Century, 1900-present/3 credits  

HIST 359  

Russian History to 1894/3 credits  

HIST 360

Russian History Since 1894/3 credits

MARK 384

International Marketing/3 credits

PHIL 242

World Religions/3 credits  


International Folk Dance/1 credit  

POSC 314

Political History of Africa/3 credits  

POSC 335

Western European Politics and Government/3 credits  

POSC 336 

Russian and Eastern European Government and Politics/3 credits  

POSC 337

Asian Government and Politics/3 credits  

POSC 375

Latin American Politics and Government/3 credits  

POSC 395

African Politics and Government/3 credits  

POSC 441 

International Relations/3 credits  

POSC 442

International Law and Organizations/3 credits  

POSC 469  

Soviet Diplomacy/3 credits  

THEA 332

Non-Western Performance/3 credits   

Students may also take part in trips abroad organized by the College and participate in programs of study at foreign universities.  Faculty led summer study abroad programs also have been organized by professors in the Art and Psychology Departments. 
Students desiring a semester/full-year/summer term abroad must plan early for their study abroad experience by consulting with the academic advisor and the Office of International Affairs. Most students choose to study in the junior year, however, students are eligible to go overseas during the sophomore or senior years. Study abroad opportunities are open to students in all majors. Modern Language majors are required to study abroad for one semester although a full year is highly desirable. Non-language majors have a variety options where the language of instruction is English. 
All Federal, with the exception of Federal Work Study, state and institutional aid may be applied toward the costs of approved study abroad programs. Longwood has limited scholarship money available to defray study abroad expenses.   


Longwood, in affiliation with the New England Study Abroad Program at Salzburg, provides students with the opportunity to participate in either a Semester or Junior Year Abroad Program situated in one of Europe's most prominent cultural centers. Birthplace of Mozart and site of the renowned Salzburg Festival, the city has a long history as one of the premier music capitals of Europe. 
Matriculated students at Longwood who have a minimum two years of college level German with a "B" average and overall GPA of 2.5 are eligible. Tuition costs for a semester or year are the same as Longwood. Airfare, room and board, supplemental health insurance, and personal expenses  is extra.  

Like Austrian students, program participants are housed in private homes, residence halls or apartments near Salzburg.  


DERBY- Longwood offers a limited number of one-for-one exchange program places at the University of Derby for either fall or spring semesters and is open to all fields of study. 
     Students must have an overall 2.5 GPA to be eligible and have completed one year in residence at Longwood. Longwood tuition, room, board and others fees are paid directly to the institution. Airfare, health insurance and personal expenses are extra. Housing is in university residence hall suites and are self-catered.    

LEEDS- Longwood also has an affiliation with the University of Leeds which is recognized as one of England's top teaching and research institutions and was established in 1904. Located in the northern highlands of England, Leeds is one of the UK's largest major commercial, financial, and legal centers. Leeds is close to York with London only a two-hour train ride away. 
Students may study for a semester or full- year with coursec work available in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Physical and Biological Sciences, Theatre and Fine Arts. A minimum 3.0 GPA is required. Housing in university residence halls is provided. 
Other British University study sites are available through Longwood College including: The Universities of Essex, Kent, York, Bradford, Leicester, and Goldmsiths College in London for Theatre and Performing Arts majors. 



Students may take a semester or year at the Institute of American Studies at the Aix-en-Provence or Avignon Centers. Depending upon level of French proficiency, students may be assigned to either center for language, cultural, and other  course study. Students are housed with carefully selected French host families. Program costs include tuition, room and partial board and a limited number of cultural programs and excursions. A minimum 2.5 overall GPA is required. 


Business majors who have two years of college level French may participate in either a semester or full-year student exchange program at the Ecole Commerciale in Paris. Courses are offered in accounting, management, finance and other business related areas. Full year students normally complete an internship with a French company during the second semester.  Students are housed with French families. Costs are equivalent to Longwood tuition and fees with airfare, health insurance, and personal expenses extra. 



A four week summer intensive French language and culture immersion program is offered to students who have completed one year of college level French. A maximum of six credits is earned. Students are housed with carefully selected French families. Program costs include tuition, housing, board, and excursions. Airfare and health insurance are extra. A member of the Longwood College Modern Language faculty accompanies and remains with the group during the first part of the program. 



Longwood, in affiliation with Heidelberg College in Tiffin, Ohio offers students a semester or full year program at Heidelberg University, Germany's oldest university. Resting on the banks of the Neckar River in the Rhine-Moselle region of Germany, Heidelberg is situated in the heart of Europe.  
Students must have successfully completed two years of college level German with a "B" average as well as 3.0 overall GPA. A variety of course work is offered including  internships to qualified students at the end of the first semester. Exceptional research libraries are available in the areas of German-American Relations, American History, and Jewish Studies. Housing is provided in self-catering residence halls. Program costs include tuition, health insurance, program sponsored study trips and excursions. Housing fees are assessed upon arrival depending on actual hall assignments. 



Longwood College, in affiliation with the Institute of Spanish Studies in Valencia, offers academic year, semester, and summer program course work in Spanish conversation, composition, literature, history, culture and civilization  and many others. Located on the Mediterranean coast, Valencia enjoys a mild climate. Byzantine, Arab and later Spanish influences are evident throughout the city. 
For academic year and semester students, two years of college level Spanish are required with an over all GPA of 2.5. Summer program students may begin intensive Spanish study or continue course work at more advanced levels. Students live with carefully selected Spanish families, and program cultural fieldtrips and activities are also included.   



Academic year, semester, and summer programs are offered in collaboration with VENUSA, The Institute of International Studies and Modern Languages in Merida. Course work in Spanish conversation, composition, literature, history, and culture and civilization among others is offered. Merida is located in the highlands surrounded by Andean peaks and is a blend of Colonial Spain and modern day Venezuela. 
Students attending the program during the academic year must have completed four semesters of college level Spanish and maintain an overall 2.5 GPA. Summer program students may begin an intensive language and culture program or enroll in advance level courses. Housing with carefully selected families is provided as well as local field trips and cultural activities.
       In addition to study abroad opportunities, the Office of International Affairs sponsors on-campus programs and activities to promote international and cross-cultural awareness involving students, faculty, and staff.

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