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Management 190. Introduction to the American Business System. Operations of the American Business System and its place in the economy. The course provides the basic understanding of the business world, philosophy, objectives, and general responsibilities to the environment, government, and society. 3 credits. 

Management 275. Business Statistics. An introductory course in statistics stressing managerial applications. Interpret and analyze business data for use in managerial decision-making. Topics include descriptive statistics, probability sampling, estimation, hypothesis testing, and regression correlation analysis. 3 credits. 

MANAGEMENT 292.  Internship in Management.  A semester-long, on-the-job learning experience designed to apply the principles of management.  1-18 credits. 

Management 295. Special Topics: Management. Selected topics in management. The topics may vary from semester to semester. May be repeated for credit when topics change. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. 1-3 credits. 

Management 360. Principles of Management. Management fundamentals with emphasis on theories of management, the evolution of management thought, and the functions of management in organizational activity. Prerequisite: Psyc 101 or Socl 101. 3 credits.  

Management 362. Organization Behavior. Structure and processes of organizations and the dynamics of behavior within organizations. Motivation, group behavior, managing conflict, leadership, communication, decision making, career processes, and organizational change and development. Prerequisite: MANG 360. 3 credits. 

Management 363. Introduction to Management Science. Concepts and techniques of management science commonly used in managerial decision making with a focus on application. Topics include linear programming, transportation method, assignment model, forecasting, PERT/CPM, queuing models and simulation. Prerequisites: MANG 360, and one of the following: MANG 275, math 171, or math 271. 3 credits. 

MANAGEMENT 390.  Directed or Independent Study.  Must be approved by the head of the department.  May be repeated as 391.  1-18 credits. 

Management 460. Organizational Theory. An elaboration of the organizational culture/pluralist perspective on organizations, to explore issues of organizational design and the management of change in an increasingly global, turbulent environment. Topics include organizational typologies, goals, effectiveness and efficiency, organizational design, and the central role of leadership. Prerequisite: MANG 360. 3 credits. ** 

Management 464. Managerial Decision Making. Theory of decision-making, rationality, individuals as decision makers, quantitative and qualitative techniques and case studies. Prerequisite: MANG 361. 3 credits. 

Management 465. Human Resource Management. Principles and problems with particular emphasis upon job analysis, recruitment, selection, training, transfer, promotion, dismissal of employees, employer-employee relationships, industrial unrest, fringe benefits, and recent trends in employment practices. Prerequisite: MANG 360. 3 credits. ** 

Management 466. Industrial Relations. The historical, legal, and institutional aspects of the American labor force and its organizations; wage and employment theory; and the economic, social and public dimensions of collective bargaining. Prerequisite: MANG 360. 3 credits. 

Management 467. International Management. An examination of selected western and non-western cultures and their impact on the ability of companies as well as individuals to operate successfully in global markets. Guidelines to define culture; determine its impact on human behavior; identify potential communication problems; and develop appropriate responses. Prerequisite: MANG 360. 3 credits. 

Management 468. Small Business Problem-Solving. Consult with and advise small business firms through the Small Business Development Center. Prerequisites: 60 credits, cumulative GPA of 2.5 or greater, and permission of center director. May receive credit a maximum of two times. 3 credits. 

Management 471. Managing Diversity. Fundamentals and concepts for managing demographic and cultural diversity in the workplace. This course looks into current trends and problems regarding diversity issues faced by business managers. Methods and suggestions for turning problems of diversity into opportunities are analyzed. Prerequisite: MANG 360. 1 credit. 

Management 472. Management of Technology. Technological advances have led to a proliferation of new and innovative ways in which information and machinery can be applied to a work environment. This course attempts to examine how these technological advances affect managers and the management function. Most importantly, this course examines how new and innovative technological resources must be managed in order to be most effective in organizational success. Prerequisite: MANG 360. 1 credit. 

Management 473. Business Ethics. Comparison of egoistic, deontological, and utilitarian ethical theories and an application of ethical principles and concepts to the analysis and solution of cases or moral problems in business. 1 credit. * 

Management 490. Independent Study: Management. An individually-designed course that allows the student to pursue advanced topics in specific management areas. Prerequisites: Senior standing and permission of instructor. 1-3 credits. 

Management 492. Internship: Management. A semester-long, on-the-job learning experience designed to apply management principles. Prerequisites: Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater, 60 credits, declared business or economics major or minor, and permission of internship instructor. 1-6 credits. 

Management 495. Special Topics. Selected topics in management. The topics may vary from semester to semester. May be repeated for credit when topics change. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. 1-3 credits. 

Management 497. Business Policy. Integrates the various functional areas of business in terms of policy level decision-making. The comprehensive case study method is used. Prerequisites: FINA 350, MANG 360, MARK 380, and senior standing. 3 credits. ** 

MANAGEMENT 498.  Honors Research in Management.  Students conduct research in management under the direction of a faculty member and the Senior Honors Research Committee.  May be repeated as 499.  3 credits. 

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