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The Health and Physical Education curriculum offers minor programs in coaching, dance education, health education and outdoor education.  


Students interested in the coaching minor must enroll in 18 hours of specialized professional courses in physical education. Any student may elect to take the following sequence of courses for a minor in coaching:

HLTH 260 Emergency Care and First Aid/3 credits 
PHED 200 Introduction to Athletic Training/3 credits  

PHED 385 

Sport Psychology/3 credits
PHED 462 Organization and Administration of Health and Physical Education Programs/3 credits
PHED 485 Motor Learning and Control/3 credits
PHED 486 Practicum/3-6 credits  
TOTAL/18-21 credits 


               Students interested in a dance minor must audition to enter the program and are expected to be active members of the Longwood College Company of Dancers for a minimum of two years. Students must also successfully complete twenty hours of required courses in dance. The dance education minor is open to all students attending Longwood College. Students must audition before being placed in DANC 132, Advanced Modern Dance.  

Core (15 credit hours)  
DANC 132 Advanced Modern Dance/2 credits  
DANC 267  Historical Perspectives of Dance/4 credits
DANC 365 Dance Composition/3 credits
DANC 466 Teaching of Dance Theory/3 credits 
DANC 495  Special Topics/3 credits 

Choose 5 courses: 5-6 credit hours
DANC (PHED) 127 Aerobic Dancing/1 credit 
DANC (PHED) 128 Beginning Social and Recreation Dance/1 credit   
DANC (PHED) 129  Beginning Ballet/1 credit
DANC (PHED) 130 Beginning Jazz/1 credit
DANC (PHED) 131 Beginning Modern Dance/1 credit     
DANC (PHED) 133 Ballroom and Social Dance/1 credit
DANC (PHED) 136   International Folk Dance/1 credit
DANC (PHED) 138  African Dance/1 credit  
DANC (PHED) 229 Intermediate Ballet/1 credit  
DANC (PHED) 230 Intermediate Jazz/1 credit  
DANC (PHED) 231 Intermediate Modern Dance/1 credit  
DANC (PHED) 232 Advanced Modern Dance/2 credits  
TOTAL/20-21 credits



The minor in Health Education is designed to provide students with information about current health issues and to help them develop attitudes and behaviors that will be helpful in attaining a state of optimal health throughout their lifetime.  This minor is open to students in any major program other than those in the Physical and Health Education Teacher Education Program (PHETE) and is particularly complementary to degrees in the health and human services areas.

Core (6 credits)
HLTH 205  Health and Wellness/3 credits  
HLTH 325 Human Diseases/3 credits

Elective (12 credits)
Choose 4 courses:
HLTH 212 Human Sexuality/3 credits  
HLTH 215   Physical Activity and Health/3 credits  
HLTH 310 Environmental Health/3 credits  
HLTH 313 Drugs and Human Behavior/3 credits  
HLTH 335 Nutrition/3 credits  
HLTH 430 Women’s Health and Health Care Issues/3 credits  
TOTAL/18 credits 


The minor in Outdoor Education is open to those students interested in developing the skills, knowledge and experience in the outdoor education field.  Students will gain the necessary skills and experience to teach, lead, and/or serve individuals who wish to use the natural environment as well as enhance their appreciation of it.  Students who minor in Outdoor Education are required to take the following courses.  Grades below the “C-“ will not apply toward the fulfillment of minor requirements.

RECR 237 Experiential and Outdoor Education Programming/3 credits  
OR RECR 238 Outdoor Education in the Schools/3 credits  
RECR 340 Introduction to Outdoor Adventure Skills/3 credits (canoeing, rockclimbing, orienteering)  
RECR 350 Ropes Course and Initiative Dynamics/2 credits  
RECR 375   Leadership Development Through Wilderness Pursuits/3 credits  
HLTH 260  Advanced First Aid and Emergency Care/3 credits  
RECR 420   Environmental Education Resources/3 credits  
RECR 487    Practicum Experience in Outdoor Education/1-3 credits  
TOTAL/18-20 credits

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