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Department of Health, Physical
Education, Recreation, and Dance

Bette L. Harris, Chair
Chris Freeland, Secretary

The Department offers three B.S. degree programs, one in therapeutic recreation, one in physical and health education (teaching), and one in physical education with options in either exercise science or athletic training. The department also offers a teaching endorsement in driver education, and minor programs in dance education, health education, outdoor education, and coaching. A variety of activity classes, whose goal is to develop fitness and skills in life-time sports, are offered to all students. Health and activity classes are structured to provide students with knowledge about current health problems and to help them develop behaviors and attitudes that will aid in maintaining a state of optimal health and fitness throughout the life-span. 


Robert J. Beaudet, Jr.,Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Physical Education
Sarah M. Bingham, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physical Education
J. Charles Blauvelt, Ph.D., Associate Professor of  Physical Education
Loretta E. Coughlin, M.S., Lecturer in Physical Education
Paul A. Giannotti, M.Ed., Assistant Professor of Athletic Training
Charlotte L. Guynes, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Health Education
Bette L. Harris, Ed.D., Professor of  Physical Education
Judith R. Johnson, Ph.D., Associate Professor of  Physical Education
Chrystyna Kosarchyn, Ph.D., Professor of Health Education
Sharon M. Menegoni, M.S., Assistant Professor of Athletic Training
Cathy J. Pritzlaff, Ph.D., Instructor of Exercise Science
Patricia L. Williams, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Health Education
Rodney Williams, B.A., Artist-in-Residence, Dance

The Health and Physical Education curriculum offers programs of study leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in physical education in two areas: Athletic Training and Exercise Science, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical and Health Education (PHETE). All majors must take a core of physical education theory and skill classes; then, depending upon interest and career goals, students will take course work in one of the following program options: 

Physical and Health Education Teacher Education N,K-12 Option 

Students electing this program will be endorsed to teach physical and health education at the elementary and secondary levels. The program provides the scientific background courses for teaching physical and health education and activity skills as well as a scientific, analytical approach to movement.  Students choosing the teacher education option may also elect concentrations in the following areas: adapted physical education, coaching, or driver education. 

Admission to the teacher education program requires that the student complete an application, have acceptable student evaluations from PHED 280 and PHED 380, record successful completion of Praxis I, demonstrate competency in written and oral English, “C” or better in ENGL 100 and 101, and an overall grade point average of 2.50. All physical education majors must make a minimum grade of “C” on each course taken as a part of the activity core and the physical education activities required under the general education requirements. Additional policies and standards for physical education majors are in the Physical and Health Education Teacher Education Major Student Handbook . 

Non-Teaching Options

Athletic Training

The program in athletic training is designed to prepare students for a career in the field of athletic training, or may serve as the pre-professional course of study for physical therapy and sports medicine. The course of study leading to the Bachelor of Science Degree via the Athletic Training Education Program includes one year of pre-athletic training, a selection process, and three years in the professional and clinical education phase of the program. Admission to the Athletic Training Education Program is competitive. Because of enrollment limitations, students who have completed the pre-athletic training year at Longwood College cannot be assured of admission to the professional and clinical education phase of the Athletic Training Education Program. 

Admission to the athletic training program is contingent upon the student satisfactorily completing the following prerequisites:


 written application;


 100 hours of athletic training directed observation/work experience at one of the program’s clinical sites;


 30 semester hours of college course work completed at Longwood College;


 a 2.25 overall grade point average (GPA) and a 2.5 GPA or better in all physical education and athletic training major courses are required at the time of application;


 courses PHED 200, 210, BIOL 207, and CHEM 101 or BIOL 206;


 grades of C or better in PHED 200, 210, and BIOL 207;


completion of all Level I Skill Competencies and Proficiencies, and


demonstrate appropriate clinical performance and conduct as determined by clinical instructor evaluations of the directed-observation experience. 

Students who are accepted into the program are required to accumulate a minimum of 1000 hours of supervised clinical experience with the Longwood College intercollegiate athletic program or an affiliated site. Students will also complete an off campus clinical internship at a site of their choice during the final semester of the program. Graduates of this program are eligible to sit for the National Athletic Trainers’ Association certification examination.  The course of study for students planning to participate as a member of an intercollegiate athletic team is five years. 

Exercise Science 

The Exercise Science Option is designed to provide students with a foundation in the sciences with emphasis in exercise, health, and sport sciences. Students enrolled in this option are prepared for entrance into health-related fitness and sport science professions. Graduates of this program are eligible to sit for certification examinations offered by the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and to apply for advanced study in a variety of applied science and allied health programs.  

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