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Department of Psychology 

Jennifer M. Apperson, Ph.D., Chair
Joyce M. Trent,  Secretary 

The Department of Psychology offers both an undergraduate major and a minor, as well as basic introductory and service courses to numerous other college majors. Psychology courses required for other majors and minors are clearly identified under those disciplines. 



Jennifer M. Apperson, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology
Christopher A. Bjornsen, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology
David M. Carkenord, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology
Eric L. Laws, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology
James A. Scepansky, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology
Edward D. Smith, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology
David B. Stein, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology

Registration for internship and independent research opportunities in psychology requires a 2.50 GPA.
     To satisfy major requirements for graduation, students majoring in psychology must earn a grade of no less than C- in all psychology courses (42-44 credits).
     The Department of Psychology offers four concentrations. All psychology majors are required to take the 23-25 credits of core requirements and 13 credits of concentration requirements and 6 credits of psychology electives.  


The Department of Psychology requires senior majors to take a comprehensive psychology test. The purpose of the test is to assess the progress of our majors and the effectiveness of our program.   


A.    General Education Core Requirement. 33 credits.
    See General Education Requirements 
         Psychology Majors take PHIL 306 to fulfill Goal 10.

B.    Additional Degree Requirements. 10 credits.
        See Additional Degree Requirements 
C. Major Requirements/42-44 credits.
1.  CORE REQUIREMENTS. 23-25 credits
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology/3 credits  
PSYC 233 Research Methods in Psychology/4 credits  
PSYC 234 Quantitative Methods in Psychology/3 credits
PSYC 251 Introduction to Biopsychology/3 credits
PSYC 457 History and Systems of Psychology/3 credits  
PSYC 460 Advanced General Psychology/3 credits
PSYC 461 Seminar in Psychology/3 credits  
PSYC 492 Internship in Psychology (Section –01: Applied or Section –02: Research/ 1-3 credits  
(May be taken for additional credit applied toward PSYC electives)  

      All students must successfully complete at least one class from each area below. 

PSYC 371 Infant and Child Development/3 credits 
PSYC 373 Adolescent Development/3 credits
PSYC 375 Psychology of Adulthood and Aging/3 credits 
PSYC 300 Sensation and Perception (lab)/4 credits
PSYC 321 Physiological Psychology (lab)/4 credits
PSYC 322 Cognitive Psychology (lab)/4 credits  
PSYC 323 Developmental Methods (lab)/4 credits  
PSYC 324 Learning (lab)/4 credits
PSYC 231 Social Psychology/3 credits 
PSYC 260 Consumer Psychology/3 credits
PSYC 366 Industrial/Organizational Psychology/3 credits  
PSYC 400 Human Factors Psychology/3 credits
PSYC 356 Abnormal Psychology/3 credits
PSYC 420 Psychological Tests and Measurements/3 credits
PSYC 423 Theories of Personality/3 credits  
Students must complete at least 6 Psychology elective credits. PSYCHOLOGY ELECTIVE courses may be selected from the CONCENTRATION areas or from the elective courses offered on a rotating basis listed below.  Students planning to attend graduate school in a given CONCENTRATION area or intending to seek employment in a given CONCENTRATION area are encouraged to complete their electives from that CONCENTRATION area.
ELECTIVE courses offered on a rotating basis:
PSYC 221 Life Span Development  
PSYC 295 Special Topics in Psychology
PSYC 311 Study Abroad  
PSYC 312 Study Abroad  
PSYC 350 Psychology of Sex and Gender  
PSYC 357 Psychopathology of Childhood  
PSYC 384 Cross-Cultural Psychology 
PSYC 410 Fundamentals of Psychological Interviewing
PSYC 430 Psychology and the Law  
PSYC 440 Applied Behavior Analysis
PSYC 452 Psychopharmacology  
PSYC 489 Symposium in Psychology (Washington Center)
PSYC 490 Independent Research in Psychology
PSYC 492 Internship in Psychology (Applied or Research)  
PSYC 495 Special Topics in Psychology


A minor in psychology is offered. A minimum of 18 semester hours is required for this program. These include: 
       PSYC 101. Introduction to Psychology/3 credits
       Three credits from courses in Developmental Area
       Three credits from courses in Industrial/Organizational/Social Area
       Three credits from courses in Pre-Clinical/Counseling Area
       Six credits of electives selected from any of the Psychology courses
       TOTAL/18 credits

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