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To teach on the secondary level, a student must have an advisor in one of the departments listed above. A form in the Office of Registration must be completed indicating which major has been selected and that the secondary education program has also been selected. Each student will then be assigned a major advisor as well as a professional advisor in the EDUC Department. With careful scheduling, a student can complete all degree and program requirements in four years.  

EDUC 245 Human Growth and Development/3 credits  
EDUC 260 Introduction to the Teaching Profession/2 credits  
EDUC 430 Teaching Reading in the Content Area/2 credits  
EDUC 455 Principles of Secondary Education/1 credit  
EDUC 480 Classroom Assessment/2 credits
EDUC 484 Media and Technology/1 credit  
EDUC 487 Classroom Management and System Issues/3 credits  
EDUC 489 Survey of Exceptional Children/3 credits  
Methods course in the student’s major/3 credits


Take in First Summer School session at end of freshman or sophomore year:
EDUC 265 Practicum I (middle school level)/3 credits  

Take in First Summer School Session at end of sophomore or junior year:

EDUC 370 Practicum II (secondary level)/3 credits  

(All courses listed above will be taken prior to enrolling in the Professional Semester.  A minimum Cumulative 2.5 GPA is required.  See undergraduate catalog for other requirements).

Professional Semester:  

*EDUC 402  Directed Teaching in the Secondary School/11 credits  
EDUC488 Education Seminar/1 credit


*English majors take ENGL 482 instead of EDUC 402.


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