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Lynn M. Ferguson, Ph.D., Professor of Biology and Earth Science
Joseph E. Garcia, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Geography and Earth Science/Geography Area Coordinator
David S. Hardin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Geography
John B. Strait, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Geography

Courses in the Earth Science Program are designed to meet the general education of all students, to enhance their cultural development in a liberal arts program, to broaden their knowledge of the physical environment, to offer courses to meet the earth science, general science and geography certification requirements, and to provide a solid foundation for those planning to enter fields in which environmental knowledge is of value.
     If the student is certified in another science, an additional endorsement in earth and space science can be obtained by taking an earth science minor.  


Students interested in pursuing an earth science minor should contact the area coordinator. The minor must include the following courses. Grades below C- are not accepted for the minor.  

EASC 210 Physical Geology/4 credits  
EASC 220 Astronomy/4 credits   
EASC 261 Meteorology/4 credits  
or EASC 355 Climatology/3 credits  
EASC 310 Historical Geology/4 credits  
EASC 354 Hydrology/3 credits
Earth Science electives at 300 level/5-6 credits
TOTAL 24 credits

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