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Joseph E. Garcia, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Geography
David S. Hardin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Geography
John B. Strait, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Geography  


Students interested in pursuing a geography minor should contact Dr. Hardin. The minor must include the following courses. Grades below C- are not accepted for the minor.  

GEOG 201 Basic Elements of Geography/3 credits  
GEOG 358 Cartography/4 credits  
Choose three credits from the following:
GEOG 241 Cultural Geography/3 credits  
GEOG 242 Economic Geography/3 credits  
GEOG 252 Physical Geography/3 credits  
GEOG 261 Meteorology/4 credits
GEOG 355 Climatology/3 credits
GEOG 410 Regional Physiography of the United States/3 credits  
GEOG 444 Political Geography/3 credits  
GEOG 450 Geography of Contemporary Problem Areas/3 credits  
Choose three credits from the following:
GEOG 352 World Regional Geography/3 credits  
GEOG 353 Geography of Virginia/3 credits  
GEOG 401 Geography of South and East Asia/3 credits  
GEOG 402 Geography of Latin America/3 credits  
GEOG 403 Geography of Europe/3 credits  
GEOG 404 Geography of Anglo-America/3 credits  
GEOG 405 Geography of Africa/3 credits  
GEOG 453  Geography of the former Soviet Union/3 credits  
Geography electives/6 credits
TOTAL 19/20 credits

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