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Patricia R. Whitfield, Director
Kathy Charleston, Assistant Director
Susan Finch, Secretary

(See Graduate Catalog for further details)

Graduate Program

Longwood College offers a graduate program leading to the degrees of Master of Science in Education, Master of Arts in English, Master of Science in Sociology and Master of Science in Environmental Studies. In education, areas of concentration include: Educational Leadership (Administration and Supervision), Curriculum and Instruction Specialist/English, Curriculum and Instruction Specialist/Theatre, Curriculum and Instruction Specialist/Modern Languages, Curriculum and Instruction Specialist/Mild Disabilities (LD, E/BD, and MR), Curriculum and Instruction Specialist/Physical Education, School Library Media Specialist, Guidance and Counseling, Community and College Counseling, and Literacy and Culture.  The Special Education Initial Licensure Program with a master's degree option and the Elementary N, K-6 (initial licensure) are available for persons with a baccalaureate degree in any discipline. In addition, licensure only programs in School Library Media and Educational Leadership are available for licensed teachers. In English, the areas of concentration are literature or education and writing.
     A senior at Longwood College may take up to six hours of graduate credit beyond the undergraduate degree requirements. Such credit may be earned only in 500-level courses and, if it meets course requirements for the degree, may be counted toward a master’s degree. The senior must have a “B” average in the major and must receive permission from the Director of Graduate Studies and the department chair. In any case where an undergraduate student is registered for a 500-level course that is to be applied to a graduate degree, the Director of Graduate Studies must notify the Office of Registration designating whether the course is to be applied to the graduate career.
      A student who holds a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution may apply for admission to graduate study. Applications for graduate study are reviewed by the departmental graduate committee. The Director will notify the applicants, in writing, of the committee’s action.
     For further information regarding admission to the graduate program, contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Longwood College. Specific requirements for admission are outlined in the Graduate Catalog.

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