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Dear Friends: 

Just over three years ago, the Longwood College Board of Visitors approved a document entitled The Mission, Vision and Five-Year Strategic Plan of Longwood College. The result of three years planning by the entire College community, this is far more than just a piece of paper - it is a living, breathing action plan designed to to assure that Longwood College will meet the incredibly complex educational demands of the 21st Century. Based upon concepts of quality, technological innovation, application of knowledge and accountability, Longwood College is proud to offer you nothing less than the New College Experience.

From the moment you arrive on campus, you will be immersed in an extraordinary educational environment. Our goal is to provide you a high tech, highly relevant and uniquely supportive educational experience that will prepare you for a successful life and career in the new millennium. Whether you are an English major or a business major, a commuter student or a resident, full time or part time, you will find a community dedicated to excellence in all that we do. From our state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive curriculum, to our dedicated and knowledgeable staff, to our supremely qualified faculty, Longwood stands ready to serve you, to challenge you, and to provide you an active, intellectually vibrant environment where the joy and excitement of learning permeates everything that you do. 

Lying at the heart of The New Collegiate Experience is an educational values system that is based on a very traditional belief that a college is first and foremost a community of colleagues, of people united in the pursuit of learning. Longwood College is an affirming place where students, faculty, and staff know and interact with each other on a regular basis - in and out of the classroom, and for whom notions of citizenship, responsibility, honesty and civility are just as important as the content knowledge of an academic discipline. At Longwood you will not only learn to communicate effectively, think critically, solve problems, imagine creatively, and use technology adeptly, you also will learn to conduct yourself as a citizen and a leader in the world’s greatest democracy.  

With the new millennium upon us, Longwood College is confident that we can provide you the high quality education that you will need to live happily and work productively in the 21st century. We do this in the belief that the best environment in which to learn is one that only a college can provide. An environment where you are not just a social security number, but a recognized individual who is a vital and indispensable part of a very special community dedicated to learning and service. An environment that is every bit as much a home as it is a school.  

On behalf of everyone at Longwood, I invite you to join our family and share with us the very exciting times that lie ahead. In addition to familiarizing yourself with the contents of this Catalog, I encourage you to visit our web site and our campus – collectively they will make clear why Longwood College is such a special place.  


Patricia P. Cormier

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