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Glenn Gildon, Major, Assistant Professor of Military Science
Dana Owen, Secretary 

Army ROTC (Reserve Officers' Training Corps) is a four- or two-year course of study, open to men and women, who are interested in exploring the possibility of earning a commission as an army officer during their college years and may be taken by students concurrently with their regular work. Credits earned in Military Science are counted as general elective hours and may be applied toward hours required to fulfill the graduation requirements for any degree.
     Students enrolled in the Advanced Course receive a grant of up to $2,000 per school year. Uniforms, books, and equipment for all courses are provided by the Army. Freshmen and sophomores may compete for ROTC scholarships that include all academic fees and  tuition, and $600 per year for books and supplies plus a grant of up to $6,000.
     Hampden-Sydney students are also encouraged to enroll in military science classes and are also eligible for scholarships.
     The Military Science program is divided into two phases: the Basic Course, 100-200 level classes and the Advanced Course 300-400 level classes. Students enrolled in the Basic Course do not incur any military obligation and are not required to take the Advanced Course unless under scholarship contract. The 100 and 200 level courses offered during the freshman and sophomore years serve two purposes: (1) they allow students to determine whether serving their country as Army officers will support their goals without making a military commitment, and (2) successful completion of these courses (if otherwise qualified) allows the student to enter the Advanced ROTC Program. Upon enrollment in the Advanced ROTC Program, the student must make a commitment to serve in the Army, and will receive a $4,000 grant paid during his/her enrollment in the Advanced ROTC Program. The student is commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army, U.S. Reserves, or the National Guard upon completing the Advanced ROTC Program and the requirements for graduation.

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