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  Longwood University Undergraduate Catalog 2005 - 2006

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Women’s Studies Program

Pamela Tracy, Director of Women's Studies

The Women's Studies Minor at Longwood offers students an interdisciplinary program that incorporates an understanding of gender perspectives in all areas of the curriculum. While reflecting the diversity of women's lives, the program examines the dynamics of race, class, and gender categories from the perspective of all women. The program encourages students to explore the world in which they live.

Students wishing to minor in Women's Studies should sign up in the Office of Registration.

Requirements for 18-Credit Minor in Women's Studies

In order to complete a minor in Women's Studies, students must:

1.File a form of intention to pursue the minor at the Office of Registration,

2.Earn a grade point average of 2.0 in those courses chosen to meet the minor requirements, and

3.Complete 18 hours of course work (including at least 12 hours at the 300 or 400 level) from the following courses.


ANTH 106/WSTU 106        Introduction to Women's Studies/3 credits

ANTH 325                       Women and Society/3 credits

ART 360                               Women in the Visual Arts/3 credits

COMM 370                            Gender and Communication/3 credits

ENGL 258                              Women and Film/3 credits

ENGL 260                              Mythology/3 credits

ENGL 432                              Women and Literature/3 credits

HLTH 430                              Women’s Health and Health Care Issues/3 credits

HIST 321                         The History of Women in America/3 credits

HIST 470                               Women in World History/3 credits

POSC 245                              Gender and Politics/3 credits

PSYC 350                               Psychology of Sex and Gender/3 credits

SOCL 241                        Marriage and the Family/3 credits

SOCL 325                              Women and Society/3 credits

SOCL 351                              Sociology of Domestic Violence/3 credits

SOCL 423                              Women and Crime/3 credits

THEA 431                               American Drama/3 credits

WSTU 295                              Selected Topics/1-3 credits

WSTU 489                              Directed Study/2-3 credits

WSTU 490                              Independent Study /1-18 credits

WSTU 492                              Internship in Women’s Studies/1-6 credits

WSTU 495                        Special Topics/1-6 credits

(and other courses to be approved by the Women's Studies Committee)

In addition to the above courses, students are encouraged to participate in Women's Studies events on campus.


Women’s Studies 106. Introduction to Women's Studies. The course will introduce students to literature in the social sciences by and about women. We will explore key roles which women play in society, how they have questioned these roles, and contributions which women make in different societies. We will read about women in our own and other societies as a way to explore these questions. 3 credits.

Women’s Studies 295. Selected Topics. Selected topics in Women’s Studies. The topics will vary from semester to semester. May be repeated for credit when topics change. 1-3 credits.

WOMEN’S STUDIES 390. Directed or Independent Study. Must be approved by the head of the department. May be repeated as 391. 1-18 credits.

Women’s Studies 489. Directed Study. Symposium in Women’s Studies sponsored by the Washington Center. Forty to 60 hours of lectures, panel discussions, workshops, site visits, and bi-weekly discussion groups over a 2 to 3 week period in Washing-ton, D.C. Prerequisites: two courses in Women’s Studies, 2.5 GPA, and approval of the Director of Women’s Studies. The work done in the Symposium will be evaluated by a faculty member designated by the Program Director, and cannot be double-counted at Longwood to meet the requirements of other disciplines. 2-3 credits.

Women’s Studies 492. Internship in Women’s Studies. Directed practice in a public, private, or community agency or organization which has as one of its goals the improvement of the status of women. Students work with an on-site supervisor who guides their internship in collaboration with a faculty liaison appointed by the Director of Women’s Studies. Prerequisites: two courses in Women’s Studies, 2.5 GPA, and permission of the Longwood Women’s Studies Committee. 1-6 credits.

WOMEN’S STUDIES 490. Directed or Independent Study. Must be approved by the head of the department. 1-18 credits.

Women’s Studies 495. Special Topics. Selected topics in Women’s Studies. The topics may vary from semester to semester. May be repeated for credit when topics change. 1-6 credits.

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