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Sankofa Lecture Series

Spring 2010 Sankofa Lecture Series


The College of Education and Human Services Sankofa Lecture Series closed the 2009-2010 season with author and educator, John Stokes, helping students live a little of the history of massive resistance in the south. In his book, Students on Strike: Jim Crow, Civil Rights, Brown and Me, Mr. Stokes recounts the impact of massive resistance on him, his family, and students involved in the 1951 ‘walk-out' of the Prince Edward County Public Schools. Students protested Plessy v. Ferguson's Separate but [Equal] Not Equal oxymoron. "We were tired" chanted Mr. Stokes. We were tired of suffering inequalities without justification.

Mr. Stokes facilitated school bus simulation exercises, which led Longwood students to make decisions with limited choices. "We paid the same price for our tickets as the others on the bus - why do we have limited choices", sums up the sentiments of those having to move because of the color of their tickets. In this mock simulation, students spoke of feelings of aggravation, frustration, and inequalities.

This Sankofa Lecture ended the school year challenging the audience to take the past history and use it to forge ahead to greater heights in the years ahead. Dr. Deneese Jones, Dean of the College, closed the lecture with a reiteration of the powerful presentation that the audience witnessed on this the 30th day of March 2010.


Sankofa Lecture Series Photo Album

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The Sankofa Lecture Series at Longwood University was established by Dr. Deneese Jones, Dean of the College of Education and Human Services, as a forum to discuss diverse ideas within the field of education today.  From the Akan people of Ghana comes the word Sankofa, which asks that we embrace our past in order to achieve a rewarding future.