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President's List

Spring 2014

  2014 Spring President's List for the College of Education and Human Services  
To be recognized on the President's List, students must earn a semester grade point average of  4.000 on a minimum of 12 semester hours.  All courses for the semester must be completed.  A grade of "I" on a student's record prevents consideration for this honor.    
  Altadonna, Kristin Social Work  
  Barker, Brianna Pre-Communication Sci & Disorders  
  Beebe, Sara Social Work  
  Best, Angela Therapeutic Recreation  
  Burijon, Lydia Social Work  
  Candido, Elizabeth Therapeutic Recreation  
  Castelvecchi, Rebekah Social Work  
  Cooper, Ashley Social Work  
  Cronley, Leah Kinesiology  
  Davis, Allison Therapeutic Recreation  
  Dunbar, Kelsey Communication Sciences & Disorders  
  Earehart, Kassidy Therapeutic Recreation  
  Elzey, Anna Social Work  
  Falls, Cori Social Work  
  Feathers, Kyle Kinesiology  
  Fox, Danielle Social Work  
  Ghanem, Amera Social Work  
  Goodwin, Charles Kinesiology  
  Graham, Amber Social Work  
  Grattan, Robert Social Work  
  Graydon, Colleen Social Work  
  Gregory, James Social Work  
  Hunter, Kristyn Social Work  
  Kerr, Teri Social Work  
  Mayhew, Moriah Communication Sciences & Disorders  
  McCabe, Jacqueline Pre-Communication Sci & Disorders  
  McCarthy, Courtney Athletic Training  
  McNamara, Kelly Social Work  
  Miller, Erin Social Work  
  Mitchell, Kelly Therapeutic Recreation  
  Moreland, Emily Social Work  
  Morley, Michelle Communication Sciences & Disorders  
  Newton, Lauren Pre-Communication Sci & Disorders  
  Nylen, Emily Kinesiology  
  Phelps, Kyle Social Work  
  Prasnicki, Lauren Kinesiology  
  Radican, Kaitlin Therapeutic Recreation  
  Ridgway, Emily Social Work  
  Roberts, Margaret Kinesiology  
  Shelton, Courtney Social Work  
  Smith, Caitlin Kinesiology  
  Smith, Sherilyn Pre-Communication Sci & Disorders  
  Steinruck, Alexandra Social Work  
  Struzzieri, Joyanna Pre-Communication Sci & Disorders  
  Trainer, Elizabeth Kinesiology  
  Wampler, Alison Social Work  
  Watkins, Lee Social Work  
  Westbrook, Jenna Social Work  
  Wilmoth, Amanda Social Work  
  Wilson, Sally Pre-Communication Sci & Disorders  
  Wise, Charlie Athletic Training  
  Wiseman, Shawn Athletic Training