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Strategic Plan

Responsible Stewardship

The college will create an alumni development program to raise participation in all our departments and programs resulting in an increase in participation by alumni on committees, boards and commissions, etc by at least 5% per year.

The college will emphasize distance learning and technology as a way to serve our service area by increasing programmatic use of technology resources available by 20% a year for the next 5 years.


Superior Performance

By 2010 graduates of the CEHS will meet or exceed the national standards for learning and performance in their respective programs and meet or exceed an 80% first time pass rate for licensure/certification.

By 2010 employers of 80% of students graduating from the CEHS will provide constructive feedback regarding employee attributes, achievement, and tenure.


Engaged Learning

The College will increase the learning opportunities as identified by needs assessment of service personnel in the extended Longwood Community (Southside Virginia) by one sustainable program per year.

The College will increase by 15% per year (with the ultimate goal that 100% of all assistant, associate, and full professors in the CEHS) faculty participation in scholarship, as represented by presentations at either or both invitational or state and local conferences, the writing of refereed articles, the authoring of professional books, engagement in collaborative student/faculty research, serving as consulting Editors for professional peer-reviewed journals, and/or grant writing resulting in funding of initiatives.


Distinctive Impact

By the fall 2009, CEHS will create for distribution a pamphlet of the resources and services available to the community.

By the fall of 2010 CEHS will market it's resources to the greater Longwood Community to increase the numbers of diverse students by 4% per year until the % diversity represents the population of the Commonwealth of Virginia.