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Centers & Services

Office of Professional Services

The Office of Professional Services coordinates field and clinical experiences for candidates who are pursuing a teaching license. Field and clinical experiences include Practicum I, Practicum II, Partnership, Professional Semester and Graduate Professional Semester.

teacher with kids

Infant and Toddler Connection of the Heartland

The Infant & Toddler Connection of Virginia provides early intervention supports and services to infants and toddlers from birth through age two who are not developing as expected or who have a medical condition that can delay normal development. Early intervention supports and services focus on increasing the child's participation in family and community activities that are important to the family. In addition, supports and services focus on helping parents and other caregivers know how to find ways to help the child learn during everyday activities. These supports and services are available for all eligible children and their families regardless of the family's ability to pay.

Parents teach their children everyday - they are the ones who make the most difference in their child's development. The Infant & Toddler Connection of Virginia is committed to providing families with the information and support they need in order to access early intervention supports and services and to make decisions for their child and family about how early intervention service providers will be involved in their family's life.


Institute for Teaching through Technology & Innovative Practices

The Institute for Teaching through Technology & Innovative Practices of Longwood University began in 1999 through an appropriation by the Virginia General Assembly. The Institute is an Outreach of Longwood University. Longwood is the fiscal agent for the SVRTC. The initial focus of ITTIP was to provide services for three school divisions: Halifax, Pittsylvania, and the city of Danville. Today, ITTIP is a regional and state-wide organization in creating and evaluating educational technology applications and resources, including research, development and outreach via training and technical assistance in Virginia K-12 school divisions, higher education, and state agencies. The ITTIP works directly with teachers in demonstrating research-based best practices in technology integrated teaching and learning environment. ITTIP's work has been featured numerous times in sate and national newspapers, congressional presentations, Virginia General Assembly hearings, and state and national conferences.

ITTIP woks in collaboration with the Southside Virginia Regional Technology Consortium (SVRTC), a consortium of 22 school divisions until December 2005. In 2006, Longwood added three new school divisions. SVRTC school divisions are: Amelia, Appomattox, Brunswick, Buckingham, Charlotte, Colonial Heights, Charlotte, Colonial Heights, Cumberland, Danville, Dinwiddie, Franklin, Greensville, Halifax, Henry, Hopewell, Lunenburg, Martinsville, Mecklenburg, Nottoway, Patrick, Petersburg, Pittsylvania, Prince Edward, Prince George, Southampton, and Sussex.

SVRTC was established in 1995 when Dinwiddie County couldn't buy Internet access for its schools. The Institute for Teaching Technology and Innovative Practices coordinates and houses the SVRTC.

For information about the ITTIP and SVRTC, please email Dr. Manorama Talaiver (mano@bestedpractices.org).


Speech, Hearing, and Learning Services

The mission of the faculty, staff, and students at Longwood University's Speech, Hearing, and Learning Services is to provide professional services to children, adults and families in Southside Virginia. This includes:

  •  Speech-Language-Screenings and Evaluations (articulation, language, voice, stuttering) for children and adults
  • Treatment for Speech and Language Disorders (articulation, language, voice, stuttering) for children and adults
  • Treatment of Swallowing Disorders for children and adults
  • Communication strategies and speech reading for persons with hearing loss
  • Accent Modification
  • Educational Evaluations
  • Targeted Tutoring
  • Parent Education Programs
  • Audiological services
  • Hearing aid services
play with family A three-prong approach for children in Southside Virginia.

Early Childhood Development Initiative 

The mission of the Early Childhood Development Initiative is to support the development of young children from birth to eight in Southside Virginia.  We believe that investing in quality childcare and a knowledgeable early childhood workforce will have a direct impact on young children's learning and future success in school and life. Our intention is to support these quality experiences whether they are provided in the home, with extended family members, or in a childcare or school-based setting by

  • Providing professional development opportunities through Saturday Institutes in multiple locations,
  • Developing an early childhood education center,
  • Expanding our academic courses and programs to include early childhood education courses and degrees.