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Outstanding Alumni

New College Institute graduate highlighted in the Martinsville Bulletin

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Professionals Who Made a Difference

Since its inception in 2006, The "Professionals Who Made a Difference" Award has honored and recognized individuals who represent the disciplines of the College of Education and Human Services who have made a positive difference in their professional fields. By honoring their contributions, we are reminded of our past and charges to action as a single college unit in an effort to move from "Good to Great." Over the past two years, 32 professional men and women have been recognized.


2009 Honorees

2009 Professionals Who Made a Difference
  • Dr. Jenny Sue Flannagan graduated from Longwood University in 1992 with a bachelor of science in biology with endorsements in general science and earth and space science. She earned a master's of education in curriculum and instruction with an endorsement in gifted education from the University of Virginia and a doctorate in adult learning and staff development from Regent University. At Regent University she teaches courses in the graduate elementary master's program and develops continuing education courses for teachers in the fields of math and science. She volunteers her time to elementary schools to establish science enrichment programs such as the "Got Science, Parents as Partners" project at Linkhorn Park Elementary School and the "Girls + Science=Power to Change the World" project at North Landing Elementary School.
  • Dr. Judy Johnson was recognized for her 32-year career at Longwood, during which she served as chair of the Department of Health, Recreation and Kinesiology (15 years), assistant dean of assessment and accountability, and interim dean of the College of Education and Human Services. She received Longwood's Maria Bristow Starke Faculty Excellence Award of Professional Excellence and Devotion to Students as well as an Honor Award from the Virginia Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.
  • Rebecca Laine was recognized for her 29 years of service as an academic librarian at Longwood University. Laine is credited with planning and implementing Longwood's first automated catalog system and the reclassification of the library's collection from Dewey to Library of Congress standards. From 1994 to 2007 Laine served as editor of Mediagram, the quarterly newsletter of the Virginia Educational Media Association. In 1994, she was recognized as Library Media Educator of the Year in Higher Education by the Virginia Library Association and was named associate professor emerita of library science upon her retirement from Longwood in 1999. She is an Honorary Life Member in both the Virginia Educational Media Association and the Virginia Library Association.
  • Roma Morris has worked with Prince Edward County Social Services for more than 21 years. Since 2002, she has served as agency director. During this time she has worked closely with Longwood faculty and students to provide field instruction opportunities and has served as a consultant to the social work program. She has served six years on Longwood's Professional Social Work Board and is an active member of the Virginia League of Social Service Executives.
  • Sue Smiley, 1976 graduate of Longwood's physical education/therapeutic recreation program, was recognized for her contributions to the field of therapeutic recreation. Smiley was one of the first Longwood graduates to pursue and earn the therapeutic recreation certification after it was introduced in 1991. Smiley continues her 33-year career as a certified recreation therapist senior at Western State Hospital, a psychiatric hospital operated by the Virginia Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation, and Substance Abuse Services. She also serves on a rehabilitation management ream, was instrumental in the development of an animal assisted therapy program at the Augusta Medical Center, and was a founding committee member for Autumn Games, an annual senior sports event. Throughout her career, Smiley has mentored and supervised Longwood therapeutic recreation interns, participated in Longwood's therapeutic recreation conferences, and served on Longwood's Therapeutic Recreation Advisory Council.
  • Lacy Ward Jr., director of the Robert Russa Moton Museum, is charged with the implementation of Moton 2011, the Museum's project to install a series of permanent exhibition galleries in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the April 23, 1951 Moton Student Strike. He is involved with the Martha E. Forrester Council's application for non-profit status, the republication of They Closed Their Schools, securing and implementing special resource funding from the National Park Service, and gaining National Historic Landmark status for the museum.
  • Dr. Patricia Watkins was recognized for her leadership of Prince Edward County Schools since 2006. During her tenure as superintendent, Prince Edward County Middle School has obtained accreditation and new programs such as the AVID College Support Program and the Freshmen Advisory Program have been implemented. In addition, Dr. Watkins has created community forums to engage parents and the community and spearheaded the development of Prince Edward's Strategic Plan 2011. Dr. Watkins served as chair of Longwood's Superintendents' Network for the past three years and is a current member of the Advisory Board for Longwood's Center for Communication, Literacy and Learning.

2008 Honorees

Larry Massie 2008 Outstanding Alumni HonoreeAnn Martin 2008 Outstanding Alumni HonoreePatsy Pelland 2008 Outstanding Alumni HonoreeCurtis Robb 2008 Outstanding Alumni HonoreePat Dewey 2008 Outstanding Alumni Honoree

Larry Massie, Ann Martin, Patsy Pelland, Curtis Robb, Pat Dewey


2007 Honorees

2007 Outstanding Alumni Honorees
  • Mrs. Edith Austin
  • Mrs. Martha Cleveland
  • Mrs. Nellie Coles
  • Kathleen Manis, RN
  • Ms. Thelma Llewellyn
  • Ms. Troilen Seward
  • Mrs. Gloria Eiban
  • Ms. Pauly Hollingsworth
  • Mrs. Lee Meredith
  • Mr. William (Bill) Parker
  • Dr. Lawrence Varner
  • Ms. Helen Wright

2006 Honorees

2006 Outstanding Alumni Honorees
  • Mr. W. P. Hudgins Sr.
  • Mrs. Lucille Hudson
  • Mrs. Hortense W. Bouldin
  • Dr. Frances Anthony Meyer
  • Mrs. Susan Soza
  • Ms. Shirley Lee
  • Ms. Carol Pettus
  • Dr. Eleanor Bobbitt
  • Dr. Margaret Blackmon
  • Ms. Bonnie Connor-Gray
  • Ms. Connie Murray
  • Dr. Doug Cutter
  • Dr. David Nedeff
  • Dr. Katherine Dec
  • Ms. Alice McCormick
  • Dr. Rita Purcell-Robertson
  • Mrs. Martha LeStourgeon Respess
  • Mr. Tom Spry
  • Mrs. Brinda Fowlkes
  • Mrs. Christy Orange
  • Mrs. Constance Brown
  • Dr. Helen Warriner-Burke
  • Ms. Marge Connelly
  • Mrs. Ann Green Baise