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Dean's List

Spring 2016

  2016 Spring Dean's List for the College of Education and Human Services
To be recognized on the Dean's List, students must earn a semester grade point average of  3.500-3.999 on a minimum of 12 semester hours taken with no grade below "C-."  All courses for the semester must be completed.  A grade of "I" on a student's record prevents consideration for this honor.
Adams, Carly Kinesiology
Allard, Julie Social Work
Altemose, John Kinesiology
Altice, Julie Social Work
Anderson, Chelsea Social Work
Arthur, Morgan Communication Sciences & Disorders
Babb, Megan Social Work
Balog, Andrew Kinesiology
Barker, Brianna Communication Sciences & Disorders
Bassett, Sarah Therapeutic Recreation
Bell, Cody Kinesiology
Belton, Taylor Social Work
Bennett, Colter Kinesiology
Booker, Jyniya Social Work
Broady, Taylor Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Broglio, Angela Social Work
Brooks, Danielle Communication Sciences & Disorders
Brown, Lindsey Kinesiology
Budd, Tyler Kinesiology
Buschmann, Ryan Kinesiology
Byers, Samantha Kinesiology
Callender, Mary Social Work
Carlson, Mackenzie Communication Sciences & Disorders
Carroll, Jakira Social Work
Carter, Kelsey Social Work
Chapman, Jordan Communication Sciences & Disorders
Collins, Victoria Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Conaghan, Laura Kinesiology
Cowardin, Gabrielle Kinesiology
Crowder, Anna Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Davis, Jonathan Kinesiology
Dennis, Bethany Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Diamond, Dana Social Work
Doss, Devan Kinesiology
Doughty, Chase Social Work
Drees, Sara Kinesiology
Duryee, Marissa Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Dwyer, Amanda Therapeutic Recreation
Edwards, Manna Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Eggleston, Sarah Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
El-Jor, Maya Therapeutic Recreation
Ender, Jennifer Communication Sciences & Disorders
Fairley, De'siree Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Farino, Nicole Therapeutic Recreation
Farmer, Megan Social Work
Filla, Rachael Social Work
Fleming, Sarah Social Work
Fowler, Evan Kinesiology
Francisco, Taylor Social Work
Frye, Tracy Kinesiology
Fulp, Rhonda Social Work
Gagne, Jayme Social Work
Gammons, Deborah Social Work
Gargiulo, Abby Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Gately, Taylor Kinesiology
Ghoussoub, Stephanie Kinesiology
Gibbs, Lucas Kinesiology
Gomez, Elise Social Work
Gray, Kila Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Grindstaff, Conner Kinesiology
Halbeisen, Rebecca Social Work
Harris, Monique Social Work
Hedrick, Taylor Kinesiology
Henning, Caitlin Kinesiology
Hogan, Christina Social Work
Horlock, Kyra Kinesiology
Hughes, Danyelle Kinesiology
Jackson, Shakeyau Social Work
Jones, Abby Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Kabis, Margaret Kinesiology
King, Darcy Therapeutic Recreation
Knowsley, Kristen Communication Sciences & Disorders
Krause, Emily Kinesiology
Landis, Kourtney Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Lanham, Morgan Kinesiology
Law, Andrew Kinesiology
Leake, Carter Kinesiology
Lewis, Emily Social Work
Lewis, Samantha Social Work
Lovelace, Abigail Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Lukhard, Christina Social Work
Mantlo, Mackenzie Kinesiology
Marioneaux, Laura Kinesiology
Marshall, Anna Social Work
Marshall, Maggie Social Work
Martin, Shirleka Social Work
Mawyer, Marc Kinesiology
McFarland, Paul Kinesiology
McGhee, Colton Athletic Training
McGovern, Kathleen Kinesiology
McPherson, Chase Kinesiology
Mickles, Aspen Communication Sciences & Disorders
Miles, Willie Kinesiology
Miller, Madison Kinesiology
Moore, Tina Therapeutic Recreation
Moorefield, Mason Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Moyer-Redd, Mary Social Work
Murphy, Emily Kinesiology
Neamo, Tiffany Social Work
Neilson, Leah Social Work
Olmstead, Kathryn Therapeutic Recreation
Parker, Christine Social Work
Parker, Jessica Kinesiology
Parker, Madison Social Work
Payton, Amanda Therapeutic Recreation
Pegelow, Rachel Communication Sciences & Disorders
Phillips, Tiffani Kinesiology
Pierson, Jenna Athletic Training
Pillay, Cassi Kinesiology
Pope, Alexis Kinesiology
Purcell, Hunter Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Ramirez, Dylan Kinesiology
Reamey, Kelsey Kinesiology
Reynolds, Rachel Therapeutic Recreation
Richio, Mary Social Work
Riddick, LaQuita Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Robinson, Shannon Social Work
Ross, Ellen Kinesiology
Roth, Christopher Kinesiology
Rozmus, Angela Social Work
Schauer, Karlie Kinesiology
Schenkelberg, Hanna Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Schlunz, Juliana Social Work
Schroeder, Grace Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Shartzer, Julie Social Work
Sims, Jordan Therapeutic Recreation
Sinclair, Marykate Social Work
Sivils, Amy Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Slater, Reghan Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Slaydon, Sarah Social Work
Spangler, Emily Communication Sciences & Disorders
Stanley, Makayla Social Work
Stein, Rachel Social Work
Strother, Andrea Social Work
Sutliff, hannah Kinesiology
Tanner, Chelsey Communication Sciences & Disorders
Thagard, Sheridan Communication Sciences & Disorders
Thomas, Chandler Kinesiology
Tirado, Gabriela Social Work
Toler, McKenna Social Work
Wagnon, Jeffrey Kinesiology
Walker, Alexis Social Work
Walker, Jordan Therapeutic Recreation
Walters, Danielle Social Work
Webb, Benjamin Kinesiology
West, Madilynne Social Work
West, Meghan Communication Sciences & Disorders
Wetzel, Deanna Kinesiology
Wiegand, Michael Therapeutic Recreation
Wilcox, Kristin Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Williams, Cameron Kinesiology
Wilson, Nathaniel Therapeutic Recreation
Wilson, Sally Communication Sciences & Disorders
Wind, Sarah Kinesiology
Wooding, Ketina Social Work
Wright, Sarah Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
York, McKenzie Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders