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Dean's List

Spring 2015

  2015 Spring Dean's List for the College of Education and Human Services
To be recognized on the Dean's List, students must earn a semester grade point average of  3.500-3.999 on a minimum of 12 semester hours taken with no grade below "C-."  All courses for the semester must be completed.  A grade of "I" on a student's record prevents consideration for this honor.
  Achesinski, Joseph Kinesiology
  Alexander, Adrienna Social Work
  Alford, Madison Pre-Communication Sci. & Disorders
  Aud, Carson Social Work
  Back, Angel Social Work
  Barker, Brie Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Bates, Lindsey Kinesiology
  Beebe, Katie Kinesiology
  Bennett, Elizabeth Social Work
  Black, Shannon Pre-Communication Sci. & Disorders
  Booker, Jyniya Social Work
  Bowles, Austin Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Broglio, Angie Social Work
  Brown, Ashley Kinesiology
  Buckner-LaBelle, Stephanie Social Work
  Burris, Jennifer Kinesiology
  Buschmann, Ryan Kinesiology
  Butler, Sarah Kinesiology
  Byers, Samantha Kinesiology
  Callender, Mary Social Work
  Candler, Hannah Social Work
  Carr, Casey Social Work
  Carter, Kayla Social Work
  Carter, Kelsey Social Work
  Chapman, Jordan Pre-Communication Sci. & Disorders
  Chevlin, Lydia Social Work
  Cogdell, Brittni Social Work
  Collins, Tori Pre-Communication Sci. & Disorders
  Colonna, Morgan Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Cox, Angela Social Work
  Davis, Caitlin Pre-Communication Sci. & Disorders
  Davis, Hannah Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Davis, Jonathan Kinesiology
  Delk, Brandon Kinesiology
  Diamond, Dana Social Work
  Doss, Devan Kinesiology
  Doughty, Chase Social Work
  Douglas, Jawaad Kinesiology
  Drake, Elisabeth Therapeutic Recreation
  Duncan, Morgan Social Work
  Edmonds, Cameron Pre-Communication Sci. & Disorders
  Elston, Daniel Kinesiology
  Ender, Jennifer Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Evans, Cody Kinesiology
  Farmer, Megan Social Work
  Filla, Rachael Social Work
  Fowler, Griffydd Kinesiology
  Francisco, Taylor Social Work
  Gargiulo, Abby Pre-Communication Sci. & Disorders
  Gately, Taylor Kinesiology
  Gilbert, Hailey Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Golden, Leah Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Gonzalez, Christina Kinesiology
  Goodwin, Charlie Kinesiology
  Gray, Taylor Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Guckert, Samantha Therapeutic Recreation
  Gutshall, Morgan Social Work
  Halfhide, Ethan Kinesiology
  Hall, Michelle Social Work
  Hargrave, Rose Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Hinson, Lauren Therapeutic Recreation
  Holbrook, Joshua Kinesiology
  Hoover, Shelby Social Work
  Horlock, Kyra Kinesiology
  Horne, Rachel Social Work
  House, Michael Kinesiology
  Hubbard, Catherine Athletic Training
  Hurt, Kiara Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Jackson, Shakeyau Social Work
  Jefferson, Braelyn Kinesiology
  Kabis, Molly Kinesiology
  Keefer, Tommy Kinesiology
  Kelly, Brianna Kinesiology
  Krause, Emily Kinesiology
  Lanham, Morgan Kinesiology
  Law, Andrew Kinesiology
  Lewis, Emily Social Work
  Marioneaux, Laura Kinesiology
  Marsh-Larose, Matt Kinesiology
  Maupin, Jacque Social Work
  Mawyer, Erica Kinesiology
  Mawyer, Marc Kinesiology
  McDowall, Brooke Social Work
  Miller, John Kinesiology
  Mills, Deja Kinesiology
  Mills, Kayla Social Work
  Moore, Floyd Kinesiology
  Morley, Michelle Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Napier, Kevin Kinesiology
  Neisius, Victoria Kinesiology
  Norton, Summer Social Work
  Norvell, Madison Kinesiology
  Owens, Kelsey Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Parker, Christine Social Work
  Phillips, Samantha Kinesiology
  Phillips, Tiffani Kinesiology
  Pippin, Ellery Therapeutic Recreation
  Pugh, Katy Pre-Communication Sci. & Disorders
  Rose, Allison Athletic Training
  Ross, Ellen Kinesiology
  Russo, Kelly Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Saunders, Ellie Pre-Communication Sci. & Disorders
  Saunders, Tiffany Social Work
  Schauer, Karlie Kinesiology
  Schell, Lisa Kinesiology
  Schoeman, Megan Pre-Communication Sci. & Disorders
  Seal, Mallory Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Sinclair, Marykate Social Work
  Slater, Reghan Pre-Communication Sci. & Disorders
  Smith, Sherilyn Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Soares, Rebecca Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Spangler, Eli Therapeutic Recreation
  Spence, Katharine Social Work
  Spencer, Emily Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Stein, Rachel Social Work
  Steinruck, Alexandra Social Work
  Strother, Andrea Social Work
  Struzzieri, Joyanna Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Sweat, Ellen Kinesiology
  Tagert, Cassandra Pre-Communication Sci. & Disorders
  Tanner, Chelsey Pre-Communication Sci. & Disorders
  Uelmen, Geoffrey Pre-Communication Sci. & Disorders
  Vick, Brandon Kinesiology
  Vickers, Christina Athletic Training
  Waddell, Samuel Kinesiology
  Walters, Danielle Social Work
  Walton, Sarah Social Work
  West, Meghan Pre-Communication Sci. & Disorders
  White, Michael Kinesiology
  Williams, Cameron Kinesiology
  Williams, Morgan Social Work
  Wilson, Jessie Therapeutic Recreation
  Wilson, Nathaniel Therapeutic Recreation
  Wind, Sarah Kinesiology
  Wisseman, Scott Kinesiology
  Wright, Brook Therapeutic Recreation
  Zwiefelhofer, Chelsea Social Work
  Voorhees, Hailey Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Walters, Danielle Social Work
  Walters, Elizabeth Therapeutic Recreation
  Walton, Sarah Social Work
  Wassenberg, Diana Athletic Training
  West, Madilynne Social Work
  West, Meghan Pre-Communication Sci & Disorders
  White, Michael Kinesiology
  Whitehurst, Danielle Social Work
  Williams, Taylor Kinesiology
  Williams, Meggan Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Wilson, Jessica Therapeutic Recreation
  Wilson, Sally Pre-Communication Sci & Disorders
  Wise, Douglas Kinesiology
  Wiseman, Jacob Kinesiology
  Witcher, Alexander Social Work
  Zwiefelhofer, Chelsea Social Work