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Dean's List

Fall 2013

  Dean's List for the College of Education and Human Services
To be recognized on the Dean's List, students must earn a semester grade point average of  3.500-3.999 on a minimum of 12 semester hours taken with no grade below "C-."  All courses for the semester must be completed.  A grade of "I" on a student's record prevents consideration for this honor.


Anderson, Alexa Kinesiology
Back, Katelyn Social Work
Badger, Cassie Therapeutic Recreation
Barksdale, Megan Social Work
Bates, Lindsey Kinesiology
Beard, Joshua Kinesiology
Becker, Edward Kinesiology
Best, Angela Therapeutic Recreation
Biggers, Jessica Social Work
Burijon, Lydia Social Work
Buschmann, Ryan Kinesiology
Butler, Sarah Kinesiology
Carlson, Mackenzie Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Carter, Kelsey Social Work
Castelvecchi, Rebekah Social Work
Castleman-Dry, Olivia Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Chapman, Jordan Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Collins, Joshua Communication Sciences & Disorders
Colonna, Morgan Communication Sciences & Disorders
Conaghan, Laura Kinesiology
Cooper, Ashley Social Work
Creasey, Breanna Communication Sciences & Disorders
Davis, Hannah Communication Sciences & Disorders
Drumgoole, Nicole Communication Sciences & Disorders
Eanes, Brittany Social Work
Early, Elizabeth Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Elzey, Anna Social Work
Emanuele, Makayla Kinesiology
Ender, Jennifer Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Evans, Taylor Social Work
Foley, Robert Communication Sciences & Disorders
Fox, Danielle Social Work
Gangitano, Christian Kinesiology
Garvis, John Kinesiology
Gilbert, Hailey Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Giles, Grace Athletic Training
Goetz, Melissa Communication Sciences & Disorders
Gooch, Samantha Social Work
Goodwin, Charles Kinesiology
Graham, Amber Social Work
Gray, Taylor Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Graydon, Colleen Social Work
Greene, Mallory Therapeutic Recreation
Gregory, James Social Work
Grubbs, Megan Therapeutic Recreation
Halfhide, Ethan Kinesiology
Hall, Megan Athletic Training
Hargrave, Sterling Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Harris, Timothy Kinesiology
Hartman, Sarina Kinesiology
Hoffman, Joseph Kinesiology
Hoover, Shelby Social Work
House, Michael Kinesiology
Huber, Emily Social Work
Huey, Ethan Kinesiology
Hurley, Shannon Social Work
Hurt, Kiara Communication Sciences & Disorders
Kabis, Margaret Kinesiology
Keefer, Thomas Kinesiology
Keene, Elizabeth Communication Sciences & Disorders
Kerr, Teri Social Work
Kipps, Andrew Kinesiology
Klatt, Emily Social Work
Lanham, Morgan Kinesiology
Lenhart, Kara Kinesiology
Lewis, Brittany Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Mantlo, Mackenzie Kinesiology
Mayhew, Moriah Communication Sciences & Disorders
McCabe, Jacqueline Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
McCarthy, Courtney Athletic Training
McGinn, Kathryn Communication Sciences & Disorders
McKinley, Rebecca Communication Sciences & Disorders
McKinney, Molly Kinesiology
Miller, Erin Social Work
Miller, Kimberly Therapeutic Recreation
Mills, Kayla Social Work
Minor, Eric Kinesiology
Mitchell, Kelly Therapeutic Recreation
Morley, Michelle Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Norton, Summer Social Work
Norvell, Madison Kinesiology
O'Berry, Casey Therapeutic Recreation
Olijar, Valerie Kinesiology
Owens, Kelsey Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Pair, Alexandra Kinesiology
Parker, Jessica Kinesiology
Patrick, Amber Kinesiology
Patterson, Taylor Social Work
Petchenick, Kathryn Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Piper, Rachael Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Pippin, Ellery Therapeutic Recreation
Pope, Alexis Athletic Training
Prasnicki, Lauren Kinesiology
Putnam, Amy Kinesiology
Raup, Frederick Social Work
Ray, Christine Therapeutic Recreation
Reisinger, Ashley Communication Sciences & Disorders
Reynolds, Jana Communication Sciences & Disorders
Rosko, Kelly Kinesiology
Sacks, Hanna Kinesiology
Sale, Amy Therapeutic Recreation
Schmidtknecht, Andrew Kinesiology
Schoenhut, Lauren Social Work
Seal, Mallory Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Segala, Nicole Athletic Training
Simeck, Sheridan Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Smith, Caitlin Kinesiology
Smith, Sadie Athletic Training
Spangler, Bradford Therapeutic Recreation
Stallings, Brittany Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Steinruck, Alexandra Social Work
Stover, Kayla Communication Sciences & Disorders
Struzzieri, Joyanna Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Stump, Mariah Therapeutic Recreation
Sweat, Ellen Kinesiology
Taylor, Kristen Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Taylor, Melanie Therapeutic Recreation
Thompson, April Social Work
Thornton, Christopher Kinesiology
Treaster, Alyx Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Van, David Kinesiology
VanNatter, Valerie Social Work
Vickers, Christina Athletic Training
Voorhees, Hailey Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
West, Meghan Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
White, Michael Kinesiology
Wilson, Sally Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Winston, Katelyn Athletic Training
Wise, Charlie Athletic Training
Wise, Douglas Kinesiology
Witcher, Alexander Social Work
Womack, Billie Jean Social Work
Wood, Mairin Athletic Training
Wyman, Brittany Social Work